Audi A4L Power Tailgate Installation Instruction

1.Remove trunk trims

Open the trunk, follow the steps as shown, and remove the trims one by one.

2.Remove trunk trims

Picture after the trims are removed.

3.Install electric suction latch

Take out the original car latch as shown.

4.Install electric suction latch

Install Hansshow electric suction latch as shown.

5.Install electric struts

Install a hex nut on the right side of the trunk as shown.

6.Install electric struts

Remove the original trunk struts and spring, fix a screw in the hex nut as shown.

7.Install electric struts

Install Hansshow electric struts, install ball joints of both ends as shown.

8.Install the bracket
Remove the original left spring, use the hole drilling positioner to make hole ɸ11, which is for cylindrical rivet nut installtion.

9.Install the bracket
Install the bracket on the left swingarm. Note: 1. The bracket shall be installed in the exact position shown in the figure. First Fix two M8 screws and nuts, and then clamp the bracket with M5 screws. 2. The screw on the upper end of the bracket should face inward, otherwise it may scratch the trim.

10.Install the bracket
Fix the cylindrical rivet nut to hole ɸ11, then install Hanssow ball stud and gasket

11.Install the left strut
nstall the left strut.

height adjustment
Adjust the tailgate to the appropriate height, press and hold the tailgate button for 5seconds, and hear a long beep that indicates the height setting is successful.

speed adjustment

The tailgate switch speed is divided into 5 gears, the default is 4 gears, the lowest 2 gears, and the highest 6 gears. Press and hold the tailgate button. When the buzzer sounds 2 consecutive sounds, it means that the speed setting heard for 3 consecutive sounds, the speed setting 3 is successful, and so on. 2 is successful. When the buzzer is heard for 3 consecutive sounds, the speed setting 3 is successful, and so on.

After the installation is completed, the controller needs to be matched when the power is plugged in: the electric tailgate is adjusted to the highest position, and the tail button is pressed for 5 seconds. After a long beep, the button is released, indicating that the matching operation is completed. (If the power off requires a rematch operation).

Note: The installation instructions may differ slightly from the actual operation. If there are any differences, please follow the actual situation or contact us.

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