2018 Subaru XV Upper Electric Suction Lock Installation Manual

Matters Needing Attention

All the pictures in this manual are for reference only. The pictures may differ from the actual ones, but the installation method is the same. For your convenience, please read the instruction manual of the product carefully before installation. Please pay attention to protect the surface of your car and avoid scratching. Please check regularly that all accessories connected to the car are tight to ensure safe use

Common Issues

1. Bracket installation reverse: trunk door does not close properly
2. The bracket screw is not replaced as required: the door does not close properly, will damage electric poles
3 .The ECU control box is not plugged in properly, loose: there is no force when opening or closing the door or the anti-pinch force is heavy
4. Pole ball head, the circlip is not installed properly: the poles detach during use (check after installation)
5. The connector is not plugged in properly, it falls off: the function fails.
6. The electric suction lock is off center: the door cannot close, the door gap is large, and the tension is tight, which causes the door to open loudly.
7. Installed in a new car for a long time without restarting the car, resulting in low power: door opening or closing not functioning normally, need to restart the car
8. Adding more than 5 kg of soundproof cotton to the tailgate may affect the opening or closing door force, add power to ECU control box.
9. Long press the tail door button for 3-5 seconds till you hear the “beep” sound – the sound is long, loosen hand and push down the tailgate and will hear a “beep beep” sound, completing the programming (the tailgate will not function normally in un-programmed state)
10. When the ball head is wrong, the non-aligned ball head can be rotated 360 degrees

1.Remove the original car trim and support pole
2.Remove the ball head of the original car, install the ball head of our company, add a flat washer underneath to install the electric pole of our company, with the end of the cable socket facing up (the same steps are left and right)
3.Remove the left lower bracket and electric pole of the original car, install the left lower bracket and electric pole of our company
4.Remove the right lower bracket and electric pole of the original car, install the right lower bracket and electric pole of our company
5.After the installation of the electric pole is completed, punch a hole above the ball head, and the electric pole cable goes to the tailgate cover board (the same steps are left and right).
6.Draw power from underneath driver compartment
7.Remove the trim board from the main driver compartment and find the power supply
8.Unplug the 20A fuse of the original car
9.Plug in our power plug
10.Find the grounding screw on the main driver’s compartment side
11.Connect our company’s power supply ground wire
12.Remove the trim at the B-pillar of the main driver’ s seat belt and find the central control socket
13.Our yellow central control wire connects the yellow wire of this seat (the second hole in the first row from right to left)

14.The power supply cable and the central control cable run along the car body to the tailgate control box.

15.Remove the trim board from the trunk and find the original car latch
16.As shown in the figure, plug in our electric suction lock socket
17.Take the Hall cable, power cord and electric suction cable sockets, plug in according to their colors one by one to the control box
18.Installation position of control box, fixed with company’s screw, ring and spring
19.Remove the original car trim panel, punch hole and install our company’s tailgate switch


The related problems and losses caused by improper installation and use are not covered by our company’s warranty. Please read this manual carefully before use. Please store carefully after reading,
so that you can check it later. The picture is for reference only. The product is subject to the actual object

Button control mode

1: Long press on tailgate button for three seconds to open or close door on the original car remote control 2: Press once on the open/close door button on the front switch.

Height Setting

Raise the tailgate to the desired height, press the tailgate switch button, 3-5 seconds will appear a “beep” sound, loosen hand, then press the tailgate button to close, the tailgate is closed, and there is a “beep” sound, that is, the tailgate programming is completed

Solution to Electric Tail Door Failure

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