3008 electric tailgate lift install manual


The intelligent electric tailgate is suitable for high-end luxury cars. It has the functions of hand-in-one opening, intelligent anti-pinch, intelligent height adjustment, etc. The driver can control tailgate with the car key tailgate button. It is easy to control and practical.

Electric tailgate functions

Easy to open
The electric tailgate can be controlled by the tailgate switch and the vehicle key.
Intelligent anti-pinch
When the electric tailgate is opened or closed, obstacles are encountered, and the tailgate can stop running to protect the user.

Disclaimer: The problems and losses caused by improper installation and improper use are not covered by our company’s warranty

Product List

Install steps

1. Original car appearance
2. Open the tailgate wiper cover
3. Remove the wiper nut
4. Remove the wiper
5. Remove the wiper‘s effect as shown
6. Remove the screws on both
sides of the decoration board
7. Removing the middle trim
8. Remove the two side panels
9. Remove the screws inside the trim
10. Take out the tripod
11. Remove the screws
12. Remove the small trim on
the tailgate handle
13. Remove the screw
14. Remove the small trim
15.Remove the screw
16. Remove the 3 screws on the wiper
17. Unplug the wiper power supply
18.Remove the wiper screw
19.Remove the trim
20.Pry the original car pole snap ring
with the tool and remove the bracket
21.Remove the original car bracket
22.Install the brackets we have equipped
L left, R right, fixed with the original car screws
23.Install electric poles,
L left, R right
24.Punch hole at the position in the figure
(16mm) Both left and right
25.Pass the pole line into the hole
(the same left and right)
26. Plug the pole wire rubber plug
27. Pull out the connector of the
original tail door handle button
harness and dock our harness
28. Pull out the harness
connector of the tailgate lock
and dock with our harness
29. Remove the side trim
30. Remove the trim below the
steering wheel
31. Find 20A constant electric
fuse in the fuse box, power on
32. Take out the original car OBD
interface (lower right of the steering wheel)
33. Docking with our OBD interface
34. In the position of the figure, punch
a hole for the front button (16mm) to install.
35. Connect the negative pole of the power
supply to the iron/screw block in the figure
36.Remove original lock ring
37. Use original screw install our new
lock ring.
38.Fix the self priming lock motor
With 3M glue
39. Open the bottom of the tailgate trim
40. Pass the harness
connecting the control box
through the conduit
41. The remaining line length should
be enough to connect the control box
42. Pass the controller harness
through the trim
43. Schematic diagram of the
direction of the wire harness
44. Route the related wire to the
cab along the arrow in the figure
45. Route the power wire, front button
wire, OBD wire to the cab as the arrow
in the figure
46. Insert the corresponding plug into
the control box and route the arrow
as shown in the figure.
47. Install the tailgate button (22mm) on
the left side tailgate, be careful not to
drill in the iron plate.
48. Install all the trim board.
Manually close the tail gate once.
Complete system initialization.

Remarks: After installing the electric tailgate lift, you must manually close it once and then open it. Finally, the installation is complete. How to use the remote control: Press and hold the trunk button to open or close the trunk; Cab button: Press to open the tailgate and press it to close the tailgate.

Disclaimer: The problems and losses caused by improper installation and improper use are not covered by our company’s warranty

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