Benz soft close door installation manual

Notes: This installation instruction is based on the Odyssey model. The installation details of other HONDA models may differ. But the installation method and process are the same. You can take this installation manual as a reference.

1.Before installing the electric suction door, check whether the door glass is normally
lifted and down, whether the internal and external unlocking switches are normal,
and whether the original car function is normal.
2.Check the appearance of the vehicle for scratches before installation and inform
the owner.
3.All the pictures in this manual are for reference only. The pictures may differ from
the actual ones, but the installation method is the same.
4.For your convenience, please read the instruction manual of the product carefully
before installation. Please pay attention to protect the surface of your car during
installation and avoid scratching.

Part list

Front left lock
Front right lock
Back left lock
Back right lock
3M glue
Power wire
Signal plug
Signal plug

Installation step(cab insallation)

Note: Pay attention to the position of the power cord of each power connector plug on the car interior panel when removing. Do not insert the wrong connector during installation.

Remove door interior trim

1.Open the door
2.Remove the 2 screws in the handle
as shown.
3.Remove the big trim and
3 part plugs.
4.Adjust the window glass to a
proper position that you can see
the glass screw in the yellow circle
hole. Remove the 2 glass screws
5.Pull out the glass window.
6.Remove all trim panel screws
7.Remove the screw in yellow circle
8.Pull out the handle
9.Remove the 2 screws
10.Remove the 3 screws and
take out the original lock
11.The steel lock wire should be put
like this to avoid tangle.
12.The motor is placed as shown in the figure, motor and horizontal line showing a 75-degree angle. Clean the door panel before installation, tear off the double-sided tape on the motor, attach the motor to the door panel, press it for 10s to make it firm, then attach the soundproof cotton, and press 10s to make it firm.
13.Power wire’s wiring diagram as shown, need to avoid touch the glass window lift.
14.Remove the white plug in yellow circle, connect our 3 way plug with the white plug.

15.After commissioning the motor, check whether the lock tongue is all open after installation. You can adjust the cable regulator at the motor end to adjust the “ lock tongue”. Make sure the lock tongue is completely open, then use the screwdriver to turn the lock to the lock first status. The lock will automatically be locking, if it can not be self-locking, you can adjust the “cable regulator ” and adjust the inner and outer locks.


The related problems and losses caused by improper installation and use are not covered by our company’s warranty. Please read this manual carefully before use. Please read carefully after reading, so that you can check it later. The picture is for reference only, the product is subject to the actual product.

Matters needing attention: the installation of the front and rear lock blocks, pay attention to distinguish the good direction

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