BMW 1 Series electric tailgate lift install manual

BMW 1 Series electric tailgate lift funtion

1. Remote control switch power liftgate.

2. Driver position control powered tailgate door switch

3. Install the close button on the trunk power liftgate kit

4. The original tailgate button opens the electric tailgate.

5. The power liftgate opening height Setting

Effect Show vido please click here

Install steps

1.Remove the tailgate trim panel in the order of
the icons
2.Remove the original strut with screwdriver as shown.
3.Remove the original body bracket and install our new
body bracket, as shown
4.Remove the original tailgate bracket and install our
new tailgate bracket, as shown
5.As shown, install our electric strut. Make a hole as shown, pass through the strut wire to the controller in the tailgate.
6.Remove original latch, install our electric latch.
7.Make a hole in the tailgate and install the
tailgate button as shown.
8.8.Wiring diagram:
The pink wire is tailgate button wire; Red wire is strut wires. The yellow wire is electric latch motor wire.
Put the controller in the red frame area.
9.No need to connect the yellow
car key signal wire

Fuse box in the middle of tailgate truck power cord connects the 20A constant electric fuse.
GND wire connect the tailgate truck battery negative pole.
Find the tailgate lock plug in the tailgate.
Remove original lock plug, connect it with our lock plug
Open the I-drive. Find the OBD plug.
Connect our OBD plug with it.

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