BMW X3 electric tailgate lift install manual


1. bmw x5 hands free tailgate Safety anti-pinch function

2. No damage to installation mode

3. Special design and customization

4. When the hands-free tailgate opening is opened and closed, a warning sound will be issued.

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Step guide

1.Original car appearance
2.Remove the tailgate trim panel as shown
3.1 Remove the tailgate left trim panel as shown

3.2 Remove the tailgate right trim panel as shown

4.1Remove the two screws from the tailgate front panel
and remove the trim panel
4.2 Remove the two screws from the tailgate front panel
and remove the trim panel
5.Remove the left and right brackets of the original car, replace them with our brackets, and pay attention to the direction of the brackets, it should be as shown.
6.Remove the ball head on the left and right brackets of the tailgate
and replace it with our ball head.
Remember install gasket on the bottom of the ball nail.
7.Install the struts (L is the left struts, R is the right struts), pay attention to the clamps in the ball head when installed, it should be in ball head totally. To prevent the struts from falling.
8.Install the corrugated pipe on the left and right strut as

9.As shown in the figure: the tailgate signal detection wire, the electric suction lock wire, the rear button wire are connected to the tailgate controller, and the front button line is connected to the front cab position.
10.Locate the tailgate handle clasp switch plug behind the original tailgate handle, unplug the handle plug and connect it to our three-way tailgate switch signal detection plug as shown.
11.Remove the original car lock ring, replace our lock ring, pay attention to check to ensure that the lock spring can move.
12.Fixing the suction motor here.

13.Use our driller (22mm) make a hole, and install our tailgate

14.Open the right side trim of the trunk

15.Remove the three screws in the storage slot and
remove the storage slot.
16.Pull out the lock signal control plug behind the original car lock
and dock it with our lock signal connector
17.Make a hole in the trim panel in the cab as shown in the figure, install the
front button and connect the front button wire with controller.
18.Fixing the control box to the right side of the tail box and connect
the corresponding wire according to the colour of the plug.
19.Connect the power cord and ground
wire to the battery.
20.Use your hands to close the tailgate once to initialize the system and set the height. Test the functions, after every functions ok, recover the panels.

Remarks: After installing the electric tailgate lift, you must manually close it
once and then open it. Finally, the installation is complete.

Height adjustment:
After the installation is completed, make the decoder connected to the power supply and the tail door needs to be matched: adjust the electric tail door to the highest position, press the tail door button for 5 seconds and release the button after a long beep sound, then the matching operation is completed (if the car battery runs out, the matching operation needs to be re-matched).

Note: the installation instructions may be slightly different from the actual operation. If there is any problem,
please operate according to the actual situation or contact us.

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