CRV electric tailgate lift install manual

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install steps

1.Original car appearance

2.Remove trim
3.Remove the both side trim
4.Remove the screws from the handle
5.Remove the handle box
6.Remove the decoration board
7.Use a tool to open the gas spring retaining ring and remove it

8.Install our electric pole, the same left and right

9.Remove the screws of tail lamp
10. Remove the taillights and
remove the plug
11.Remove the trim, the same left and right
12.Remove the screw, the same left and right
13.Pass the pole line into the rubber
plug, the left and right are the same
14.Pull out the original car lock
plug and dock with our harness
15.Connect the light red signal line of the tailgate handle to our white line as shown
16.Remove the original lock ring.
17.Install our lock ring
18.Place the lock motor on the left side of the trunk, under the control box
19.Open the storage box and you can see the fuse box
20.Find a 20A constant electric fuse in the fuse box
21.Remove this decorative panel
22.Unplug the original car OBD and dock with our OBD port
23.In the B-column, connect our yellow signal line to the white signal line as shown
24.Connect the negative pole of the power supply to the screw on the left side of the trunk, as shown
25.Purple: power positive, blue: front button, black: OBD, yellow: b-column control unlock wire.
26.Wire routing diagram: blue: control box wire; yellow :pole wire; orange: power cathode wire
27.Install our tailgate button (22mm hole) in the handle box
28.Restore all panel, turn on the power, manually close the electric tailgate, and initialize the settings. Then The installation is complete.

Installation Precautions

1.All harness ports, control boxes, poles, etc. can not energized until they are installed.
2.Pay attention to the direction of power take-off, must be connected to 20A constant electric fuse.
3.When installing the wire, it must be operated with the engine off and the car key unplugged.

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