Dicas para escolher uma porta traseira elétrica do carro.

With the continuous improvement of consumption levels, in the automotive consumer market, there is an increasing demand for convenient comfort and humanized configuration. In recent years, the electric tailgate has become the standard for the upgrade of all major luxury cars. Bentley, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and other new luxury have begun to be equipped with electric tailgates. Some models even have standard tailgates and tails. The door has clearly become a basic feature that luxury should have.

If your car doesn’t have an electric tailgate function, it doesn’t matter. Now you can buy a cool smart electric tailgate at an ultra-low price, and instantly make your car cool! It will be only 400$.

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Eight smart technologies let you take care of the car trunk easily.

Hansshow intelligent electric tailgate adopts eight intelligent technologies and has various opening methods. The driver can control the opening and closing of the tailgate by remote control car key, pressing the tail switch button of the vehicle or the button of the cab. It also has intelligent anti-pinch, The functions of height adjustment, intelligent, humanized and safe are all in one, and the car life is changed from time to time.

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Intelligent anti-pinch, safe multiplication, the tailgate will be detected in real time during operation, and once the obstacle is sensed, it will immediately move backward to ensure personal safety. A variety of ways, control, support a variety of tailgate control methods, no need to crack the modification, upgrade one step in place. Imported accessories, long life, system core accessories are imported from Japan, Germany, 3 years 100,000 km warranty, no worries after sale. Humanity technology, high memory, users can freely adjust the opening and closing height of the tailgate according to their own needs, system intelligent memory, and achieve flexible customization.

Automatic door-sucking with one hit. Through the electric suction device, the tailgate is automatically sucked and locked at the last moment of closing the door, which is safer and more reliable than the traditional inertial mechanical method. Intelligent detection, abnormal reminder, during the running process of the tailgate, the system will detect the working status and give a sound reminder in real time, and the owner can avoid various hidden dangers and losses according to the sound effect prompt. Elegant and comfortable, it is extremely quiet, and the electric suction device effectively optimizes the process of closing the door. It is elegant and comfortable, and it is extremely quiet. The original car interface, non-destructive installation, all the wiring harnesses use the original car interface, no need to break the line, to ensure the safety of the original car line, to achieve a truly non-destructive installation.

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