Foot sensor installation manual


When you take your key fob close to the back of the vehicle, kick the foot sensor under the bumper, power trunk can be automatically opened.

1. Get close to the vehicle with your car fob. (If your car do not have wireless entry system, please unlock your car first).
2. Move your foot to the foot sensor for about 20cm distance, and kick the foot sensor.
3. Use your foot to kick the foot sensor and hold for about 0.3 seconds and then retract the foot.
4. The power trunk will work and tailgate can be opened automatically , and the tailgate can be closed again by repeating the kick operation.
Back side
Up side
Method 1: Attach the foot sensor label face up on the outside of the rear bumper of the car and fix it with screws.
Method 2: Attach the foot sensor label face up in the underside of the rear bumper fix it with screws
Foot sensor red wire connect to our power wire
Foot sensor green wire connect to our light plug white wire
Foot sensor black wire connect GND wire
Foor sensor white ACC wire no need to connect in Model 3

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  1. Jeff Robbins on 02/02/2020 at 3:26 pm

    We just installed your liftgate kit on our cx-3 and we love it !!
    Now can you please tell us exactly which foot sensor wires connect where for our cx-3 application ? We are having a hard time understanding the foot sensor instructions ;-/

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