H2 electric tailgate lift install manual


The intelligent electric tailgate is suitable for high-end luxury cars. It has the functions of hand-in-one opening, intelligent anti-pinch, intelligent height adjustment, etc. The driver can control tailgate with the car key tailgate button. It is easy to control and practical

Electric tailgate functions

Easy to open
The electric tailgate can be controlled by the tailgate switch and the vehicle key.
Intelligent anti-pinch
When the electric tailgate is opened or closed, obstacles are encountered, and the tailgate can stop running to protect the user.

Configuration list

Install step

1.Remove the back cover
screws and remove the back cover trim
2. Remove the trunk floor and
back cover trim
3.Remove the rear cover as
indicated by the arrow
4. Remove the upper and
lower brackets of the original car pole
5.Install our electric pole
6. Black signal wire is connected to
the original car lock black and white
wire, the brown signal wire is
connected to the original car lock
brown black wire.
7. Orange signal wire connected to blue wire
8. Pass the power wire into the cab
along the red line and pass the
self-priming motor plug wire into
the left side of the trunk
9. Remove the left side trim of
the cab and connect the negative
pole of the power supply to the
screw on the illustration.
10. Remove the trim panel under
the steering wheel and connect
the positive power cord to the fuse box.
11. Remove the original car lock
and install our lock
12. Install the self-priming motor
here(The line cannot be bent
13. The switch is mounted on the
left side of the trunk
14. The left pole wires are mutually
connected, and the Hall wires are
mutually connected; the right side
only needs the pole wire to be
mutually connected.

After installing the electric tailgate lift, you must manually close it once and then open it. Finally, the installation is complete.
How to use the remote control:
Press and hold the trunk button to open or close the trunk; Cab button: Pull open the tailgate and pull it to close the tailgate.

Height adjustment:
When the tailgate opening height is too high, the user can adjust the tailgate to the appropriate position according to the height of the individual demand. During the time of tailgate is closing, press the tailgate button for 3 seconds and hear a beep. After that, release the tailgate button and the tailgate height is set successfully. The next time you open it, the tailgate will rise to the adjusted height and remember it.

Disclaimer: The problems and losses caused by improper installation and improper use are not covered by our company’s warranty

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