Honda HRV 2015~2018 electric tailgate lift install manual

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How to install

1. Original car appearance

2. Remove the middle trim strip of the tailgate

3: After dismantling, the effect chart is as follows:

4: Remove the left and right decorative panels

5: Removing the tailgate large decorative panel

6: After dismantling, the effect is as follows

7: Remove the decorative panel on the left side of the driver’s seat

8: After dismantling, the effect is as follows

9: Remove the left and right button decorative panel of the steering wheel

10: Remove the steering wheel belly decorative panel

11: After dismantling, the effect is as follows

12: Cancel the original car button and install the special button for our tailgate

13: Remove the lower left corner harness decorative panel

14: Wire the connected control harness along the lower left side of the driver’s seat

15: Find the control harness in the B-column watering behind the drive, as shown below

16: In the middle of the control harness, the yellow signal line (the first row of the fourth hole from the left to the right) corresponds to the B-pillar signal line that we have equipped.

17: Route the harness that connects the control box along the lower left side.

18: Route the empty carton harness along the rear edge toward the tailgate

19: Remove the left side fence between the rear seat and the tailgate

20: After removal, connect the tailgate control cable through the conduit

21: The position of the main harness negative pole ground is as follows.

22: After threading the harness bellows, thread the threading tool through the routing hose and wrap the empty carton harness with the threading tool.

23: Connect the wiring tool and the wiring harness of the control box through the wire harness according to the harness arrow defense

24: Pass the threading tool out in the direction indicated by the indicator line.

25: Remove the original car struts (open the spring snap ring at both ends of the round car) and remove the ball studs from the original body.

26:Lock the ball head bolt and add the spacer according to the actual situation.

27:Punch holes at the appropriate position of the tailgate and install the struts over the line as shown below.

28:Install the electric strut provided by our company, and the motor end faces the door bracket.

29:Pull out the tail lock line and dock with the electric tail lock that we have equipped.

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