How to choose the right electric tailgate for your car?

An excellent electric tailgate has the function of intelligent anti-pinch, safe multiplier and the tailgate will be detected in time during operation. Once the obstacle is sensed, it will be reversed immediately to ensure personal safety. A variety of ways, control, support a variety of tailgate control, no need to crack the modification, step by step in place. High quality accessories, 3 years 100,000 km warranty, no worries after sale. Humanity technology, high memory, users can freely adjust the height of the tailgate opening and closing according to their own needs, system intelligent memory, to achieve a flexible customization.

Automatic suction door. Through the electric suction device, the tailgate is automatically sucked and locked at the last moment of closing the door, which is safer than the traditional inertial mechanical method. Intelligent detection, abnormal reminder, during the running process of the tailgate, the system will promptly detect the working state and give a sound reminder, the user can follow the sound effect prompt to avoid all kinds of hidden dangers and losses. Elegant and comfortable, it is High-quality, and the electric suction device effectively optimizes the closing process. It is elegant and comfortable, and it is extremely quiet. The original car interface, non-destructive installation, all the wiring harnesses use the original car interface, no need to break the line, to ensure the safety of the original car line, to achieve a truly non-destructive installation.



If your car has not yet installed the electric tailgate, intelligent electric tailgate of Hansshow automotive accessories Co., Ltd is your best choice.

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