How to let your car tailgate auto open?

How to let your car tailgate auto open?

The tailgate is a part of the body of a car that is becoming extremely popular, finding the availability of different brands and models, as is the case of the power liftgate VW Tiguan or, to bring, including that function.

Among other models that have gained users’ confidence around the world, we can highlight the t5 t6 power tailgate, so if you want to make this modification for your car, you can check these brands to know the benefits they include.

How to let the gate open automatically?

The electric tailgates found in cars today, especially in high-end cars, have an operation that can vary their operation speed, the way they open the door, and the mechanism.

There are gates with a double-pole suction switch in terms of mechanism, while it is possible to find other simpler ones. However, in any of these cases, the gates work with the help of a control.

With this control, the tailgate’s operation can activate when required by the driver, and a switch can also be found in the steering wheel area to start the tailgate.

All this will vary according to the car’s model or the modification made. Although vehicles that do not include an electric proton, they can be modified to install one according to their decision.

It applies to electric tailgate models such as t5 t6 power tailgate or power liftgate VW Tiguan. And it will also vary depending on the other models available on the market or what the driver decides.

In any case, it is essential to keep in mind that these electric tailgates are very useful and beneficial not only for a fast operation but also for providing safety in the car’s back, especially in the large models.

Frequent problems with the electric tailgate

Since it is an electrical machine with a lot of use, it is quite common that the electric gate mechanism starts to fail after a specific time, so we recommend you to be aware of these signals to avoid total damage.

Some of the common signs and problems with these electric tailgates include the following:

  • Noises when running

Noises are one of the most common problems with any electric hatchback and may be due to some loose parts that must check before the entire system breaks down or due to wear and tear on some parts, which is notorious in these noises.

  • Control failures

As we mentioned, the power liftgate VW Tiguan operation, and most models, require a remote control that activates its action to open or close. When this does not happen, it is due to an internal failure in the mentioned control.

  • Power supply failure

As it is a mechanism that requires electricity to work correctly, it is quite common to stop working due to an inadequate power supply due to surges in the entire vehicle system.

  • Defective engine

The t5 t6 power liftgate mechanisms usually work with a motor’s help, so when it stops reacting to the remote control, it is because they tend to get wet by mistake or overheat. In these cases, you should contact a professional immediately.

  • External damage

Finally, among the most common failures in the power liftgate, VW Tiguan electric rear protons are blows when trying to close the gate or any car accident that may damage the vehicle’s entire body.

If any of these faults occur in your car’s door, the best thing to do is go to the dealer where you bought the vehicle or to a workshop of experienced professionals to check and change the parts of the mechanism that do not respond to control.

How to take care of the car’s tailgate?

Even though the t5 t6 power tailgate and the power liftgate vw tiguan are among the rear electric protons most prone to the mentioned failures, we must emphasize that specific actions should be taken to avoid them.

Among them, we can highlight the following:

  • Do not force the operation.

Sometimes, electric tailgate mechanisms can work slower than usual, so the main recommendation is to always be patient in this situation to avoid overheating the tool.

  • Periodic review

The t5 t6 power tailgate, the power liftgate VW Tiguan, and any electric tailgate require periodic inspection to avoid the failures mentioned above and prolong this life mechanism.  

Some people recommend that this review do monthly or every couple of months to prevent these breakdowns according to professionals’ advice with experience in the area.

  • Replace parts with original parts

Sometimes, if any failure requires an accessory replacement, the best recommendation is to opt for an alternate of original parts. Besides being a way to avoid constant losses, they guarantee a long life.

  • Constant cleaning

Finally, we can emphasize that the electric tailgate must be cleaned periodically and avoid using chemicals that can be especially harmful to the engine and its mechanisms.

Why an electric tailgate?

The t5 t6 power tailgate and power liftgate VW Tiguan are some of the most used electric gates nowadays, mainly because they are easy to install, affordable, and have long durability.

Similarly, they are electric gates that work quickly and have many benefits for those who install them, and among them, we can highlight the ability to change their parts easily when needed.

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