Hyundai Encino 2018+ Installation Instruction


1.All pictures in the manual are for reference only. Pictures and objects may differ, but the installation method is the same.

2.In order to facilitate your installation, please carefully read the product manual before installation; When installing, protect your car’s surface and avoid scratching.

3.Please check regularly if all accessories connected with the car are loose to ensure safety

Installation Steps

Refer to the parts list and accessroy drawings to check if the accessories are complete. After the product is installed, press the tailgate button for 3-5 seconds. You will hear a sound “DI——” and then loose your hand. Press the tailgate button again and close it. You will hear two sounds. Tail gate learning is finished

1.Remove the original left strut
2.Remove the original right strut.
3.Attach the left bracket to the original bracket and fix it with screws
Note: Glue is required for installation.
4.Install our left strut with the original car head.
5.Install our right strut with the original car head.
7.Routing the strut wire.
8.Take power from the original
power supply.
9.Connect the central control cable
on the original B-pillar.
10.Connect to the three-way
adapter socket. (tailgate handle green wire).
11.Connect the ground wire at the tailgate.
12.Remove the original car lock
and install our upper suction lock
and fix it with screws.
13.Connect to the electric suction lock socket.
14.Remove the trim panel and install the lock ring.
15.Install our lock ring and fix it with our screws.
16.Install the control box at the
tailgate and fix it with our screws.
17.The Hall line, the central control line, and the power cable
are inserted into our control box according to the color.
18.Install the tailgate switch button.
Then restore the tailgate trim panel.

Setting Height

1.Raise the tailgate to the ideal height;
2.Press the tailgate switch for 3-5s;
3.When you hear a long sound “Di——”, loose your hand and press the tailgate switch again to close the door.
4.When you hear two sounds “Di Di”, Setting height is finished. Note: Do not close the door with your hands after setting the ideal height. Be sure to use our own tailgate switch

Fault Solution

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