Kia 2016 + Sportage electric tailgate installation instructions


The intelligent electric tailgate is suitable for high-end luxury cars. It has the functions of hand-in-one opening, intelligent anti-pinch, intelligent height adjustment, etc. The driver can control tailgate with the car key tailgate button. It is easy to control and practical.

Electric tailgate functions

Easy to open: The electric tailgate can be controlled by the tailgate switch and the vehicle key.
Intelligent anti-pinch:When the electric tailgate is opened or closed, obstacles are encountered, and the tailgate can stop running to protect the user.

Configuration list

Disclaimer: The problems and losses caused by improper installation and improper use are not covered by our company’s warranty.

Installation steps

1: The original car picture as shown.
2: Remove the decoration board as shown
3: Remove the original car poles
(there must be someone to support
the door when disassembling)
4.Remove the original car bracket.
Install our brackets and poles,
paying attention to the correct
position and orientation
5: Install our pole with the original car
head ball( do the same steps on right side)
6: Remove the original right pole and
bracket, install our right bracket and pole.
7: Pass our pole hall line through the
tailgate reserved hole (the same steps
on the left and right sides)
8: Insert the silicone plug into the reserved
hole as shown in the figure
9: Our pole-Hall wire is laid as shown
10: Connect the ground wire to the position
shown in the figure below in the main driver’s
seat. (The place where the paint is painted
cannot be grounded. After the grounding, use
to meter to measure whether it is energized.)
11: Find the central control wire at
the position of the driver seat’s
B-pillar seat belt
12: The blue wire of the original car’s
central control wire is connected to our
green central control wire (the first hole of
the second row from the right to the left)
13: Our power wire and central control
wire’s wiring diagram (red for power wire,
blue for central control wire)
14: Insert the Hall wire plug, electric plug,
and power plug into the central control
box as shown.
15: The original car unlocking plug can be directly connected with the
lock control line socket of our company, and the other end of the plug
can be inserted into the tailgate lock position.
16: Remove the original car lock as
shown in the figure, install our electric
suction lock (the lock frame position can
be marked with watercolour strokes.
The lock frame must be aligned with the
tailgate lock core.)
17: Clamp the lock cable on the motor as shown
in the figure, tighten the screws on both sides,
and fix it with screws and washers.
18: Fix it with the motor screw as shown
in the figure, and tighten the screw with a wrench.
19: Insert the port of our electric
Suction wire with the motor socket
20: Stick the 3M adhesive on the back of the motor
21: Install the motor at the pointed position
22: Cover the tailgate decoration board
23: Install the tailgate switch to this
position as shown

Tailgate height setting
After the electric tailgate lift is installed. Press and hold the switch button on the tailgate for 3-5 seconds. After hearing the drip sound, release your hand. Gently press the tailgate switch once, the tailgate will automatically close, then you will hear a dripping sound. Now, you complete the tailgate height setting.

Special attention items
1. After installing our poles as shown in the figure. If the poles are removed several times, the struts must be replaced with our spare lock spring (If you do not pay attention to this matter, there is a danger of drop off the pole. Please be careful.)
2. Please note that after the installation is complete, you can shake the left and right poles. To make sure if the struts are installed well.
3. Please note that if the tailgate is closed but not locked, you can remove the original car lock’s rubber pad pointed as shown.

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