Lexus ES Smart electric lift gate installation instruction

Height setting: Open the tailgate manually to the height you want, press and hold (about 2 seconds) the tailgate switch(as shown in the picture below), and immediately release your hand after hearing the buzzer sound. After the height is set, press the manual switch button to close the tailgate automatically. Open the tailgate again to be the height you set.

1. Cautions:
a. It’s only for reference with all pictures in this manual , the
pictures may be different from the actual product, but it is the
same with the installation method ;
b. In order to facilitate your installation, please read the
product manual carefully before installation; please
protect the surface of your car during installation to avoid
c. Please regularly check whether it ’ s loose with all the
accessories connected to the car to ensure safety use;

D.Warm Mention:

2. Accessories List (refer to this table to check whether it’s
complete for the box accessories )

Lexus ES Car body

3. installation steps

a.Remove the panel, the specific steps as follows:
Refer to the accessories list and its picture to check if the parts are complete .

Remove the inner panel of the tailgate (shown by the arrow)
Disassemble the back cover and the right inner panel (shown by the arrow)
Remove the interior trim panel of the tailgate and the right threading rubber
tube (shown by the arrow)

b. Install the strut, the specific steps as follows

Remove the left and right struts of the original car (use a screwdriver circlip to
pry the strut )
Install the front bracket (note: first install the bracket on the strut, as shown in
the picture)
Install the front bracket (as shown)
Install the strut (with the wire end up). The strut is on the outside of the interior
trim panel, and the strut harness needs to be left on the outside

C.Wiring. The specific steps as follows:

Connect the tailgate switch wire and the switch signal wire of original car(blue
and brown wire) to the inside of the tailgate through the threading rubber tube.
Pass the positive power wire from the left car seat to the driver seat
Pass the positive wire of the power through the lower cover of the left rear door
of the car
Pass the positive wire of the power to the driver seat through the lower cover of
the left front door of the car

d. Install the door lock: the specific steps as follows;

Remove the original car lock
Install the lock and tighten with screws
Due to differences in car models, some cars do not close smoothly. Two mats
should be placed on the door lock floor against the front of the car.
Connect the plug terminal: insert the lock control wire on the harness, pay
attention to the color

e. Wiring. The specific steps as follows:

Connect the signal line and status line: the adapter plug is inserted;
Or connect directly: the blue wire of the harness is connected to the purple wire,
and the brown wire is connected to the gray wire;
Connect the negative wire:
Connect the negative wire to the screw as shown
Connect the positive wire:
Locate the fuse holder on the left side directly below the driver seat.
Insert the fuse, and then plug it into the wiring harness. Note that the fuse
cannot be inserted reversely

f. Install the tail switch, the specific steps as follows:

Use a tool to make a hole at the position circled in red in the picture, and install
the switch.

g. Place the control box:

Place the control box on the right side of the tail box and fix it with the 3M glue

h. Recover inner panel

It is the automatic learning mode of the control box at the first time
with the door opening and closing after power on . Please make sure
that the door can be opened and closed well. At this point,the
process of the electric lift door is finished

Disclaimer: It won’t be in the warranty range from our company if it’ s caused by improper installation and use

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