Lexus Roewe RX5 Electric tailgate lift install manual

1. Thank you for choosing our electric tailgate lift This manual will introduce you to how to install and use the electric tailgate lift. When using the product, please pay attention to the marked warnings and safety precautions. Please install and operate according to this manual to experience the user-friendly operation function of the product more quickly.

2. Product function Automatic opening and closing:
It realizes the automatic opening and closing of the tailgate of the car, which is convenient and safer. Anti-pinch function: adopts intelligent algorithm. During the process of opening or closing the electric tailgate, it quickly senses obstacles and realizes anti-pinch/anti-collision function, effectively preventing pinching or damage to the vehicle and ensuring personal safety. Height memory and settings: The tailgate opening height can be adjusted. With the buttons in the tailgate, you can set the final opening height according to your own usage habits, which is more convenient. Sound warning: During the opening and closing process, there are sound and tail light flashing prompts, reminding you and friends next to you to avoid the tail door. Manual operation: The tailgate can be manually opened/closed in special cases such as failure of the electric system or loss of the car. Remote control: completely use the original car remote control key, central control button and outer door button, no need to change your operating habits.

3. Instructions for use
(1). After the installation is complete or after the system is powered off, manually close the tailgate for the system to initialization.
(2). Remote control opening and closing Use the original car remote control key to easily control the tailgate, and with one button to control the tailgate to automatically open/close. Note: If the original car has a tailgate button. You can use the tailgate button to open the tailgate switch. If the original car has no tailgate button, press the unlock button twice to control the tailgate. (3). Driver’s seat tailgate button opens and closes Control on/off with the tailgate button in the front of driver’s seat.

4. Height adjustment
The tailgate is too high: When the tailgate opening height is too high, the user can adjust the tailgate to the appropriate position according to the height of the individual demand. During the time of tailgate is closing, press the tailgate button for 3 seconds and hear a beep. After that, release the tailgate button and the tailgate height is set successfully. The next time you open it, the tailgate will rise to the adjusted height and remember it.

5. Intelligent anti-pinch
During the opening and closing process, when the object is blocked, the tailgate automatically stops or rises to ensure personal safety.

6. Sound warning
When closing the tailgate, the length of warning time is 3S, indicating that the tailgate has been closed. When the tailgate is opened, the length of warning time is 3S, indicating that the tailgate will be opened. When the tailgate rises to the set height, the beep time is 3S, indicating that the tailgate has been opened.

Safety Precautions
1. This product is for automatic operation. Do not open or close the tailgate manually unless in the special case. Otherwise, the related parts will be damaged. When the tailgate is manually opened and closed, it must be lightly closed.
2. The product is equipped with a high-pressure spring, please do not disassemble it yourself. When installing, you need to pay attention to avoid damage to people and vehicles.
3. When the tailgate lift is working, do not walk close to the tailgate. Note: When installing and debugging the electric tailgate lift, if the tailgate can not close very well, please adjust the lock on the tailgate or the electric lock of our company to the proper position!

Precautions when installing
1. Prepare the relevant installation tools
2. Installers should take precautions against the equipment to be equipped to prevent damage to the car, etc. during the disassembly process.
3. During the installation process, pay attention to the removed car components to be placed, to avoid missing or missing car components, and to dispose of the debris left during wiring, and do not leave it in the car. The joint port must be insulated to prevent short circuit.
4. Layout the wire according to the method of our company. The harnesses must be fixed after the wiring to prevent loosening.
5. Please connect the harness according to the wiring method of our company (note the position of the ground wire).
6. Do not plug or unplug the connected leads and accessories when the power is turned on to avoid damage to the main unit or accessories during plugging and unplugging.
7. After the installation is complete, manually close the tailgate for system initialization.

Part list

1.Tailgate lock harness
2.Power fuse adaptor
4.Secondary harness A
5.Main harness B
7.Electric suction lockbox
8.T-line clip
9.Switch Button s
10. Fuse adaptor plug
11.Pole bracket
12.Hole openerφ3.8
13.Hole opener φ18.5
14.Base of lock
15.Black cable tie

Port number table

Main harness No.5 connector

Main harness No. 20 connector
Communication line No.21 connector
Pole power cord No.14 connector
Tailgate ground wire
Tailgate lock wire No. 1 connector
Power supply wire
No.10 connector
The connector needs to be
routed to the front
passenger seat
After the No. 10 wire layout
is completed in the car, use
the port connects to the No.10 wire.

Wiring relationship table

ECU control box connected
to connector 5&20
Line 22 is worn to the cab
and docked with the front button.
Pairs No. 7 and No. 9 wire
Pairs No 10. and No 17. wire
Pairs No. 12 and No.13 wire
Pairs No. 14 and No.15 wire
Tailgate lock wire
Pair No.2 and No.1wire
Pairs No.8 and tailgate button wire

Note: After the wire is arranged in the car, then mate the plug, to avoid the wire crossover.

Installation process

In this manual, these pictures for reference only. The pictures may differ from the actual ones, but the installation method is the same.

1.Remove the original pole
2.Remove original car pole bracket
3.Install our brackets (consistent
left and right)
4.Install our poles (consistent
left and right)
5.Remove the original car lock hook
6.Install our lock hook
7.Remove the tailgate trim panel with the order shown in the figure
(be careful to damage the buckle when disassembling)
8.Install suction lock (self-priming lock
installation position can be flat according
to the empty position, the lock line
cannot be folded over 90°, need to
be stuck with Sticker, so as not to cause
abnormal noise inside the car)
9.The pole wire pass through
from the position in the picture
10.Tailgate pole wiring diagram (the
harness is routed to the ECU control
box position)
11.Unplug the original car tailgate button
connector and connect to our lock wire connector
12.Unplug the original car tailgate
lock connector and connect to our connector
13.Ground wire connection
to this positon
14.The harness is threaded from
the tailgate to the inside of the
car as shown in the picture
15.Installation diagram for wiring harness
from the tailgate to the interior (the
interior partition needs to be disassembled)
16.Diagram for wiring from the tailgate to the inside of the
car (requires the interior panel to be taken apart)
17.The front button installation
position can be determined
according to the owner’s preference
(requires the user to drill holes by himself)
18.Install the tailgate button in this position
19.Find fuse box in driver seat side
20.Unpack the trim panel, then
you can see the fuse box
21.Plug fuse adaptor

Attention:1. The direction of the fuse plug should be inserted according to the direction of the manual. If the direction is wrong, the tailgate lift kit would not work! 2. Please unplug the fuse in the fuse box before power-on. After checked all the cable are fully connected, insert the fuse. After all the installation is completed, close the door manually to initialize the system.

Disclaimer: Due to improper installation and use, the related problems and losses are not covered by our company’s warranty

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