Mercedes Benz Vito Sliding Door Installation Instruction

1.Vito right door rear motor fixing picture
2.Open a Φ18 hole on front
3.Front pulley fixing diagram. Note
pull the line out on the puley,
always in the center of the trackl
4.The motor is fixed with three holes in the original car.
5.Put rear pulley ternplate on the
back ofthe track- Open two Φ18
holes and use a fileto file flat.
6.Motor rear pulley fixing
7.Motor rear pulley interior picture
8.Vito left door rear motor fixing picture
9.The left motor is fixed with three holes in the original car. sure to mark the brackets before removing them, just in case you can’t locate then when installing them later.
11.Wire chuck holder on original
12.The two screws on the bracket
can’t be pressed too hard or the
wire will slip.
13.Adjust the screws in the red circle to adjust
the door up ard down and front and rear
positions. The screws in the can
adjust the door up and down.
14.Remove the original locking hook and replace it with our locking hook.
15.Make sure block is centered
on the latch once it is installed
16.Middle door cable trend
17. Ilustration of the use of tee wire in the middle door
18.Self-priming motor with
original bore mounting
19.Original hole mounting for unlock motor.
20.Remove the original locking device
and replace two wires
withh our two pull wires.
21.Replace with our two pull cord.
22.Handle switch installed in original latch position
23.pull the handle and touch the swtich.
24.remove the middle door front ankle chain cover with a small clasp underneath.mark the ankle chain screws before removing them, in case later installation will cause the door to be uneven.
25.remove the original lower lock cable and not use it.
26.replace with our lower lock hook pull cable.
27.put two wires of the original locking block together.
28.remove the lower locking bracket from the car.
29.The drag chain bracket is fixed at the very front Of the stock Slot
and open a Ф30 hole in the back ofthe drag chain bracket for the
Wire harness.
30.Brackets for mounting iii original
car position{Note: mounting the
screw in the blue circle first)
31.Middle Door Towline Harness Installation Diagram.
32.Illustration of the plug in
middle door
33.Installation of anti-clip bar
against door edge
34.Installation of Mti-cüp bar
against edge
35.The anti-clip bar enters
through the original hole.
36.The remote cord is next to the seat belt.
37.the gray wire conect to the black-yellow one. the brown wire connect to the yellow- red one.
38.left door CAN wire position
39.CAN wire positin.
40.CAN wire connect to the two
wires on the plug
41.CAN wire (blue connect to
brown-red one; white connect to
brown one)
42.Remove power from the passen-
ger power box, red switch is the
power switch (is for power on)
43.The controller is in this position
in case Of after-sales comn•is-
44.The controlkr is inthis position
in case Of after-sales commis-
45.Open Ф20 hole power switch
and fid a place to put it so you
can switch to manual.
46.Remove the center dash.
47.Remove screws on the keypad.
48.remove original green buckles and mount our switch shrapnel.
49.After conncet CAN(blue-white).use middle door key to control remote.

Press and hold the B-pillar or front compartment switch for about 5s, release when you hear a drop,and switch to manual mode or electric mode. Manual mode only has electric suction function, other functions do not work.
Power On Commissioning
Once the electric door is fully installed, check the details agaim Confirm the manual door opening and closing is normal, then power on the commissioning. Before power on, the electric door can be to the full open position, or closed state. Usually do not put it in the half open position.
How to use the key remote control
Right door: press the slide door button on the key to open and close the door
Left door: factory without remote control

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