Mercedes-Benz Vito power tailgate lift installnation

Before reading our Mercedes-Benz Vito automatic liftgate install manul, please click here to purchase our Mercedes-Benz Vito power tailgate lift.

Ready to work:

  1. The construction vehicle key shall be kept by the installation technician alone and shall not be given to others to prevent loss. (Post test, find the original car unlock signal line to use)
  2. Remind customers to keep their valuables.
  3. Check the overall condition of the vehicle, whether it is bumped or scratched, especially the wiring, dismantling place, check carefully, if necessary, take a photo.
  4. Start the engine, check the car instrument function display, and whether the car keys are normal.
  5. Some products need to be punched in the installation, and must be informed to the customer in advance.

Before installing q:

  1. Confirm that the model number is the same as the vehicle (year/year)
  2. Prepare the installation tool, pick up the product, and shoot the loading video. Check the product accessories for missing items. The installation instructions must be read first and then disassembled.
  3. Due to construction needs, the removed parts and customer items should be properly placed to avoid damage and loss.
  4. Check the condition of the tailgate of the vehicle, whether the tailgate is flush with the body, and whether the left and right gaps are even. (The purpose is to compare before and after loading to avoid disputes with customers after loading). This is extremely important and must be done.


  1. Remove the door cover and lock hook cover.
  2. Install the electric shock lock and move the suction lock power cord to the ceiling hose position.
  3. Install the tailgate lock machine three-way adapter cable, connect the tailgate buckle switch negative trigger signal line (our company is purple line)
  4. Walk the power cord and front switch wire from front to back to the rear ceiling hose.
  5. Remove the original car struts and replace our electric struts. (The strut harness is different from the tailgate, please refer to the manual)
  6. Pass the 2nd 4th wire harness that goes to the ceiling through the hose to the tailgate, and tie it with a tie to prevent it from falling off. Use the thread to take the thread through the hose during threading. Do not pull the wire arbitrarily. It can be sprayed with the surface wax to smooth it.
  7. Connect all the harnesses that go to the tailgate to the corresponding jacks on the main unit box. Be careful not to insert the pins, otherwise it will cause a malfunction.
  8. Fix the main box to the free position of the tailgate and do not affect the restoration fascia.
  9. Connect the ground wire to the power supply. (The power supply is 12V normal electric insurance, if there is spare insurance position, try to use the spare position)
  10. Test whether the tailgate switch is normal, and whether the door closing gap is even and even, it can be compared with the original car.
  11. Keys Before pressing the button, the button test is normal and the hole is punched. The front and rear buttons are installed. (Individual vehicle strut lines need to be punched into the tailgate, and must be opened after the test is completed normally)
  12. Restore the vehicle

After installation:

  1. Clean the vehicle, especially the interior, and wipe it clean with a cleaning tool.
  2. Put the customer’s items back in place and do not miss them.
  3. Organize the removed original car parts and return them to the owner.
  4. Explain the operation method and precautions to the customer.
  5. Take the video and frame number of the switch door of the construction vehicle for inquiries.

The key is returned to the owner and the vehicle is commanded to leave.

1. Remove the original left side stay and body bracket

2. Remove the right side of the original car and the body bracket

  1. Installation Our company provides left body bracket

4. Install our company to provide the right body bracket

  1. Remove the left rear door bracket of the original car. We provide the left tail door bracket.

6. Remove the right rear door bracket of the original car. We provide the right tail door bracket.

7. Install our company to provide left pole

8. Install our company to provide the right pole

9. It is recommended to open the hole here to pass our left pole line

10. It is recommended to open the hole here to pass our right pole line

11. Find the fuse box under the co-pilot glove box (12V constant power)

12. Suggested grounding position

13. Remove the original tailgate lock

14. Install our company to provide the upper suction lock

15. Locate the right front door harness connector in the co-pilot position, connect our CAN-H line to the red-red line, and connect the CAN-L to the brown line.

16. Locate the original tailgate switch plug and pull it out with our purple wire tee

17. Put the original car lock block plug and our company to provide plug insertion

18. It is recommended to punch the hole here to provide the front button switch.

19. It is recommended to punch and install the button switch after our company here.

20. After the installation is completed, if the tailgate is not closed or closed, the original car lock can be adjusted.


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