MG GS Power tailgate Installation Manual

Installation Steps:

1. Original car renderings
2. Open the tailgate renderings
3. Remove the long tailgate trim and
pay attention to the fixing screws
marked by the red circle.
4. Remove the decorative panels on
the left and right sides.
5. Remove the large tailgate cover.
6. Remove the left and right original car gas springs.
7. Remove the body of the original car
and the spring ball of the tailgate.
8. Replace with the ball head of the
strut provided by our company
9. Install the electric strut.
10. Pass the pole Hall signal wire
through the tailgate as shown in the figure
11. Follow the original car harness to
the tailgate as shown in the figure.
12. Unplug the original car lock signal
cable and plug in the lock adapter
cable of our company
13. Take out the spare tire and
remove the plastic buckle as shown in the figure
14. Correspondingly connect all wiring
harnesses and fix the control box.
15. Route the power cord and the
electric suction zipper along the original car harness.
16. Take out the trunk cover.
17. Remove the fixing screws and
remove the decorative plate of the latch.
18. Remove the latch of the original car.
19. Install our electric suction zipper.
20. Place the electric suction motor
next to the spare tire and fix it
21. Route the power cord to the main
driving position as shown in the figure.
22. Use tools to remove the main
driving seat decoration panel
23. Insert the power fuse as shown in the figure.
24. Punch holes in this position as
shown in the figure to install the tailgate switch.
25. Restore the components and the installation is complete.

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