Model 3 SR DIY Version Audio Upgrade Installation Manual

1.Power off your car
2.Open Front Passenger Side
Small Dash Trim
3.Remove the black clip
4.Remove Side Small Dash
5.Remove Four Clip Use a
6.Remove Front Side Dash Knee
Lower Panel Trim Cover
7.Disconnect Light Plug
8.Disconnect Speaker Plug
9.Find the audio plug and
connect with our plug
10.The plug reconnected in original place
12.Connect the power cable
13.Remove the bottom pat on the center cmsole side and
thal bring wires to the driver side
14.Remove Driver Side Dash Knee Lower
Panel Trim Cover
15.Remove the upper panel
16.Remove the signal screw
17.Find and disconnect the signal plug
18.Add it to our plug-in and
19.Remove the original plug (with
black-purple wire) and plug our
plug (with two pin plug)
20.Remove the panel below the
B-pillaron the passenger side
21.Connect the ground wire nearto B pillar
22.Open the side section of
the rear seat
23.Connect the signal plug
24.Connect to audio plug

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