Modification case: installs electric tailgate with double pole electrified suction.

Modification case: installs electric tailgate with double pole electrified suction.

The electrified suction double pole is a mechanism that is installed in cars to condition its tailgate, and it works electrically and can place in models like the Mazda cx 3 trunks.

Another model that takes advantage of this gate with electrified double pole suction is the BMW x5 tailgate, characterized by a long life span. In any case, this mechanism is taking popularity those who want to make this modification in your car.

Double-pole electrified suction

The double pole switches are a mechanism widely used in homes, and today used to modify some vehicles such as the Mazda cx 3 trunk and the BMW x5 tailgate.

Generally, this system applies to those circuits with multiple conductors since it allows only two actions to perform with the electrical energy: to give way to it or prevent it.

It is important to emphasize that this mechanism is ideal to avoid failures in its circuits or any other type of damage because only two actions can be performed with it, as mentioned above.

It is also important to note that this two-pole suction system does not usually contain a high voltage and is covered on a plastic base to increase safety in use.

For this and many other reasons, it is an electric hatchback system that is quite useful in high-end vehicles integrating it into their functions. It is essential to know what it is about for it to function correctly.

Mazda cx 3

The cars that can apply to the double pole’s electrified suction mechanism highlight the Mazda cx 3 trunk, where you will enjoy a large area and comfortable and fast functionality.

It is one of the high-end models available in the international market. It characterizes by being a sporty and compact SUV where you will enjoy 120 horsepower, ideal for the asphalt.

The sports SUV has a diesel engine and integrates technology that will make the driving experience excellent and make no one want to get out of it; among this technology, we highlight an air conditioner, rearview camera, and a multimedia touch screen.

On the steering wheel of this car, you will also find different buttons to activate many other functions that the vehicle provides to its driver and a stylish design, leather seats, and holders on all sides.

The Mazda cx 3 is a vehicle that directs other models’ final design as Volkswagen. Thanks to the acceptance that has had, today, it is possible to find different versions of this car with different prices.

The last thing we must highlight is its spacious trunk with an electric gate. This way, you can store everything your vehicle needs and use the gate control to complement it.

BMW x5

Another of the car models that have taken advantage of this double-pole suction mechanism is this famous brand, especially in the BMW x5 tailgate. It is the first car of this brand to reach the market, being a complete success in sales.

This SUV has excellent technology and durability, so once you buy it, you can enjoy it for a long time. However, we must also emphasize that several features must be taken into account when purchasing it.

As we know, the BMW brand has well known for its versatile and sporty designs and the innovation they add to their vehicles. This time, you will enjoy an improvement in the electric gate system.

In fact, in addition to having a large space in the trunk area where the electric gate locates, you can enjoy a touch screen on the vehicle’s dashboard where you can add fragrance to the car and ionize the air.

As for the BMW x5 tailgate, you will enjoy easy handling of it through a control; otherwise, in the vehicle’s mentioned screen, you will have the option to configure some of its technological alternatives that this current model includes.

We guarantee that this is a model worth acquiring not only for the efficiency of its electric tailgate but also for all the technological advances and improvements that the brand has included for its vehicles’ performance.

Why is an electric tailgate so beneficial?

Whether in the mazda cx 3 trunk or the Bmw x5 tailgate, the electric gate is a modification that all high-end cars have today you can find in the market not only for the image of progress that provides but for its benefits.

Among the main benefits that an electric gate assures you in your car, we can highlight the following.

  • Greater comfort

Mainly if you use your vehicle to transport things, unlike previous models, those that include this electric gate system are characterized by having ample space in the trunk area, ideal for transporting everything you need.

  • Secure system

Because they include technological advances, many of these cars test these mechanisms, especially those with double-pole suction, to ensure that the system works correctly and without any failure or danger for the user.

  • Greater security

In this case, we emphasize that an electric tailgate with this double-pole system guarantees you safety in that tailgate, preventing it from being opened by strangers or from being opened because it has been closed incorrectly.

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