Passat electric tailgate lift install manual

Configuration list

Install steps

1.Remove the trunk board
as indicated by the arrow
2.Remove the buckle as indicated
by the arrow and remove the
plastic casing
3.Remove the rear cover as
indicated by the arrow
4.Pull the board up indicated
as the arrow and take out
the spare tire
5.Remove the plastic housing
shown by the arrow
6.Remove the screws and buckles
indicated by the right arrow
and pull the decorative panel
7.Remove the original car spring
rod and use the rivet gun to install
the rivet indicated by the arrow
8.Put on our ball head
9.Install our electric pole
L: Left R:Right
10.Use a rivet gun to attach the screw
to the left side of the rear of the car.
11.Install our bracket and remove
the original car spring
12.Attach the left front bracket and
ball head to the front of the trunk
13. Adjust the self-priming lock
to the appropriate position, screw
on the screw, and install the
self-priming motor
14. The orange wire is connected
to the yellow lock core signal line,
and the red line is connected to
the green and red signal line. A
15. Lead the signal line and switch
line in the direction indicated by
the arrow
16. The positive and negative
wire of the power cord is
connected to the positive and
negative poles of the trunk battery
17.Install the switch in the position
indicated by the yellow arrow on the tailgate

Remarks: After installing the electric tailgate lift, you must manually close it once and then open it. Finally, the installation is complete.

How to use the remote control: Press and hold the trunk button to open or close the trunk; Cab button: Pull open the tailgate and pull it to close the tailgate.

Disclaimer: The problems and losses caused by improper installation and improper use are not covered by our company’s warranty

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