Prius four generations under electric suction V4.6 installation instructions

1.Remove the original car bottom
bracket, installation special bottom
bracket, with screws
2.Remove the original car ball head,
install poles, note: with the poles on
line down (or steps)
3.remove the original car right bracket,
installation bracket at the lower right,
with our screws
4. The original car bellows broke open a
small hole, line from rubber plug hole
line poles to end door cover plate
5. The co-pilot steering wheel remove the
plaque found below the original car power
6.Plug in power socket, found at the
bottom of the power supply grounding
screw connection our ground
7.Holes at the bottom of the main drive, the
installation before we switch
8. Main driving belt B pillar place to
remove the plaque, find the control
9.Our yellow Central Line after the
seat red line
10.Remove the original lock buckle, install
our electric lock, with our screws
11.Find the seat in the tail gate, remove
the plug we tee adaptor
12.Hall line, control line, the power
cord according to color a pair we
control box
13.Remove the original rear door trim,
stiletto installation we stern door keys
14.The original rear door keys

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