Qu’est-ce que le lève-personne électrique 5T de nouvelle génération?

New upgraded version of intelligent electric tailgate 5.0T

Revealed now

01 Transform

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Fifth generation intelligent ECU

It adopts the fifth-generation intelligent ECU, which has more powerful data analysis capability. It can automatically exchange and adjust according to the data of the two sides of the pole during the operation to ensure the synchronous operation of the two sides of the pole so that the switch door is smoother and more stable;

It is more sensitive to the output command and can precisely control the tail switch angle, regardless of the angle of the tail door can hover smoothly.

The fifth generation of intelligent electric suction lock

The fifth-generation intelligent electric suction lock structure is more convenient to install, stable in performance and durable.

02 Tenacity

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One-piece fixed head

The integrated fixed end makes the pole and the tailgate more tightly connected to prevent falling off, and the support is more stable and safe.

One-piece appearance

The one-piece exterior combined with the new stainless steel inner tube makes the support strong and strong, and the pole strength is greater than 5000N.

03 Tranquilly

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New generation shock absorption technology

The use of advanced metal composite springs can withstand heavy loads and large deformations, work smoothly, with good stability and low noise.

A new generation of silent technology

The motor adopts noise reduction and sound insulation technology so that most of the noise is automatically consumed during the propagation process, and the running noise of the pole is reduced.

04 Technology

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Intelligent security

It has advanced automatic detection function, and stops obstacles and stops running quickly to prevent pinching. When abnormal operation occurs, different types of alarm sounds will be prompted.

Smart kick sensor (optional)

With kick-in induction function (optional installation according to your own needs), completely release your hands and choose more freely.

05 Test

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30000 endurance test

After80 ° C to -30 ° C   high and low-temperature test, it can also operate normally under extreme natural conditions, with strong weather resistance; after 30,000+ performance tests, it is durable.

Three years or 100,000 km warranty

Quality assurance, long life.

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