Sportage X electric tailgate lift install manual


The intelligent electric tailgate is suitable for high-end luxury cars. It has the functions of hand-in-one opening, intelligent anti-pinch, intelligent height adjustment, etc. The driver can control tailgate with the car key tailgate button. It is easy to control and practical

Electric tailgate functions

Easy to open
The electric tailgate can be controlled by the tailgate switch and the vehicle key.
Intelligent anti-pinch
When the electric tailgate is opened or closed, obstacles are encountered, and the tailgate can stop running to protect the user.

Disclaimer: Please do not energize the electric strut until the electric strut is installed in the tailgate. The problems and losses caused by improper installation and improper use are not covered by our company’s warranty

Installation steps

1: The original car picture as shown.
2: Remove the decoration board as shown
3: Remove left and right trim.
4. Remove the red circle screw
handle box and remove the big trim.
5: Remove the original strut(left and
right) with screwdriver as shown.
6: Remove the original(left and right) bracket.
7: Remove the original (left and right) ball head.
8: Install our left and right bracket.
(L means left, R means right).
9: Install our ball head(L means left,
R means right).
10: Install our electric strut, (L means left, R means right)
11: Remove the rubber stopper, insert
our strut wire to the controller.
12: Remove original lock plug, connect our
lock plug with it.
13: Remove the latch trim.
14: Remove the original latch.
15: Install our electric latch.
16. Fixing the latch motor as shown.
17: Connect the ground wire to the GND
screw as shown.
18: Remove the small trim in steering wheel.
19: Connect our power cord to a
20A constant electric fuse
20: Connect our OBD plug with
original OBD plug.
21: Make a 16 mm hole to install
the front button as shown.
22.Front wires wiring diagram as shown.
23: Route the wire which need connect to the
Controller through the tube as shown.
24: Fixing the controller as shown.
25. Make a 22mm hole to install
the tailgate button.
26. Before recover all panel,
check all the wire and connected
right. Power on the system.
Please use your hand close the
tailgate at the first time. Then
you can use the car key to
control the tailgate

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