Subaru Forester Power Trunk Installation Manual


1.Open and Close the power liftgate using kick sensor.
2.Open and Close the electric tailgate using the key fob.
3.Close the power liftgate kit with the supplied button (added in the automatic lift gate).
4.Open the universal power liftgate kit using front button

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Install guide:

1.Remove the tailgate
trim panel

Remove the tailgate trim panel
accorrding the order shown in the
2.Remove original struts
Remove the black panel above the strut,
remove the original strut and bracket
(bracket and strut integrated, directly
remove the screws).
3.Install bracket
Install the door support and body support,
the body support shall be original car
screws, and the door support shall be
allocated M6 sunk screws.
4.Drill holes in the trim panel and
pass through the strut line
On the black trim panel removed in
the second step, as shown in the red
circle below, open a hole and the strut
line passes.
5.Install power strut
Install power left and right struts on the
bracket,wiring from the hole you opened,
waterproof rubber plug head shall be attached
to the sheet metal of the original car, and
install the trim panel after the wire is finished.
6.Install self-priming lock
Remove original lock block and
install our self-priming lock block.
7.Install tailgate button
Install our tailgate button on original
handle position shown in the picture.
8.Control box installation

The current inlet must be connected to the live end of the original car’s normal electric fuse hole, if the connection is reversed, it will cause the original insurance overcurrent fuse, before installation, make sure to use the car electric pen to measure the current inlet. The current direction is shown by the red line in the schematic diagram.

一:Height adjustment
Press and hold the tailgate button for 5 seconds, you will hear a long beep to indicate that the height has been set successfully, when you open it again it will open to the set height.
二:Speed adjustment
The tailgate switch speed is divided into 5 positions, default is 4, lowest is 2, highest is 6. Press and hold the tailgate button when the buzzer sounds 2 times in a row, it means the speed is set to 2, when the buzzer sounds 3 times in a row, it means the speed is set to 3, and so on.

**After installation, when the decoder is plugged into the power supply, matching operation is needed: adjust the electric tailgate to the highest position, press and hold the tailgate retrofitting button for 5 seconds, release the button after a long beep, then the matching operation will be completed (re-powering requires matching operation again).

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