Suction lock for Porsche or Audi

Installation position on the vehicle

Parts list

lock part,motor part
Negative power cable
Positive power cable

Tools required

electrical adhesive tape、Plastic pry knife、Sleeve of various specifications、cross screwdriver、A screwdriver and a junk bucket。

1.Before installation, in order to ensure the safety of operation, please remove the negative terminal of the battery before operation. Please check whether the type and quantity of the parts are complete. Before installation, wrap the parts which is vulnerable to damage and scratches with pearl wool.
2.For safety and ensure the normal use of the product, please install by professional staff, do not disassemble the machine without permission, so as not to cause unnecessary damage.
3.Test whether the keys on the door, the glass lifting, the original door lock opening, closing the door and locking the car are normal.
4. Before operation, the installation staff must take off the metal items or other hard objects carried on the body and place them outside the car to prevent scratching and damage to the car seat, interior decoration and door during operation.
5.Due to the large number of disassembled parts in the installation process, please properly place the disassembled parts to ensure that the subsequent restoration work can proceed smoothly.
6.Please arrange the wiring according to the steps of the installation flow chart to avoid affecting the moving parts of the car during the wiring process. Fixation measures should be taken for each wiring harness after wiring is completed to prevent loosening and abnormal vibration.
7.Please do not unplug the connected plug when the power is on, so as not to damage the main engine or the original car fuse and cause other damage and abnormality.
8.Before disassembling and reassembling all parts, please confirm whether the nails and buckles are in good condition. If damaged, please replace them to avoid abnormal sound when driving.
9.The operation space is small, and the screws should be careful to prevent it falling into the car. If the screw falls into the car, please be sure to file, otherwise the vehicle will run abnormal sound.

Install step

a. Removal steps of main steering door panel(Right front door/left rear door without removing key lock and door handle steps, other disassembly methods)

1 .Use a skid board to pry open the interior door handle trim panel(figure 1)
2.Use the small cover next to the handrail of the skid board (Figure 2)
3.Remove 3 inner door trim panel fixing screws (Figure 3)
4.Use the skid board to carefully pry the fastening buckle around the inner door trim plate of the driving door (Note: before prying , check whether the fixing screws on the inner door trim plate are all removed) (Figure 4)
5.Remove each wire harness and remove the inner door trim panel (Fig. 5)
Use the skid board to pry open the insulation board and remove it (Figure 6)
7.Open the key on the side of the front left door, enter the rubber cover of lock core screw, and remove the lock, lock ,fixing screw (Figure 7)
8.Pry open the key on the main driver door with the pry board into the lock core decorative cover, get the lock core(figure 8)
9.Carefully remove the original car lock from the side of the inner door (Figure 9)
10.Remove the original door lock and place it (Figure 10)

b.Mechanical door lock disassembly diagram
Disassembly and separation steps of the original side door lock control unit and mechanical lock core – left front port

1 .Place the door lock on the fixed workbench and remove the original lock guard shell (Figure 11)
2.Remove the inner door handle cable; Valve quick torsion spring, remove the cover plate fixing screw (Figure 12)
3.Shake the latch on the original door lock to the fully locked position with a round bar smaller than M5 or a screwdriver (This step pays special attention to prevent the door detection switch from being crushed when the lock core is separated from the central lock control unit).Figure 13)
4.Remove the 3 fixing screws on the mechanical lock of the original vehicle (Figure 14)
5.Use forceps to lock the door of the original car and spread and fix the L-shaped transmission arm to facilitate the next step of disassembly and separation (Figure 15)
6.With tweezers or a small word screwdriver top between the yellow sliding arm and the white main rotary connecting rod on the original door central control unit, force evenly and carefully pry open to separate(Careful attention should be paid when prying, so as not to damage the parts of the original lock)(Figure 6)
7.Use tweezers or a small word screwdriver to top the yellow main rotating connecting rod and the green sliding arm on the original door central control unit, force evenly and carefully pry open to separate
8.Parallel pull the original military lock by hand and separate the central control unit from the mechanical lock core(Figure 18)
9.Comparison of original door mechanical lock core and central control unit after partial separation (Figure 19)

c.Steps for assembly of Porsche electric suction lock

1.Use a round bar to dig the lock tongue on the original car door lock to the fully locked position; (Special attention is paid to this step to prevent damage to the lock detection switch during disassembly)
2.Tweezers will be used to lock the door of the original car L-shaped transmission arm in the direction of the arrow as shown in figure (1) and fixed, as shown in figure (2) after completion of operation;
3.Set the mounting bracket in the fitting box into the hole of the lock head according to the column above, and the bottom plane is close to the sheet metal plane of the lock head
(1) the positioning column of the yellow outer door handle unlocking arm is set into the fixing hole of the mounting bracket, and (2) the hole on the edge of the green inner door handle unlocking arm is set into the mounting bracket fixing column; (Please refer to the operation above)
5.The blue convex edge of the original central control unit of the lock is cut off with scissors, and the cut plane is flush with the green side plane;
6.The original central control unit of the car lock is assembled with the electric lock core unit. A1 drive rocker arm is inserted into the green inner door handle unlocking hole of the electric lock core unit, and A2 drive rocker arm is inserted into the yellow outer door
Install the original car lock dust cover and lock 2 fastening screws
Lock a fastening screw, take out the mounting bracket, the original car lock in the control unit and the electrical suction lock core assembly is completed

d.Porsche electric suction lock (rear door with child lock) assembly procedure instructions

e.Motor box paste fixed installation steps

1.Electric suction door lock head assembly
2.Install the assembled electric suction lock head back to the original lock position, restore the key and enter the lock core (Figure 2).
3.Keep clean the place will be posted , ensure that the surface is dust-free, no water, no oil, and then tear open the distribution of adhesive bag, take out the wipe paper, will be posted on the surface of the wipe, wait for a few minutes
4.Tear off the 3M adhesive protective paper on the mounting bracket of the motor box, smooth the cable and squeeze it tightly.
5.Remove the 3M adhesive protective sticker from the clutch device and attach it to or below the outer door handle bracket
Paste tightly and tighten the motor box with a tie
Note:the fixed position of motor box is slightly different in different models, and the installation method is basically the same

f.Door often power take steps

Clamp the positive pole of the yellow line to the normal +12V line, and the negative pole of the black line to the GND ground wire. Clamp the wire clamp in place with pliers, and use a multimeter to measure whether there is 12V output from the positive and negative extreme ports
Note: When measuring, shake the power source line by hand to check whether there is any bad contact (the power taking steps of the four doors are basically the same)(Figure 1)
Put the wire harness of the motor box into the wire end, and test whether the electric suction lock closes normally, and whether the door handle opens normally. If normal, restore the sound insulation board, and straightening the electric tie belt
Note:The power cord of the suction door can be easily checked by placing the power cord plug and the insurance wire in the space under the window controller
After the electric suction door is installed and energized, use a screwdriver to move the lock core to the semi-locked position to test whether the electric suction door is normally closed. After pulling the outer handle to unlock, repeatedly confirm whether the electric suction door is closed normally, and confirm whether the inner and outer handle to relieve hunger is also the work of the child lock is normal. Verify the functions of the first and second steps are normal and determine that all parts are installed in place, and restore the decorative plate after working normally

g.Simple faults and troubleshooting

Note :that all the pictures in this manual are for reference only. There are slight differences between the pictures and the real thing due to different models, but the installation method is basically the same

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