Tesla Model 3 Ambient Light installation instructions

1 -Non-professional personnel should not install the vehicle privately to avoid damage to the machine or other accidents

2.Check if the function of the vehicle is normal and if there is any scratch on the inside surface before installation, and report to the customer if there is any problem

3.Before dismantling the car, the installer should remove all metal objects and other hard objects on the body to prevent damage to the car seat or interior trim during the dismantling and installation process.

4.During the installation process, please put the dismantled components away to avoid scratching the dashboard inside the car. Clean the debris left when wiring, do not leave it in the car, be sure to insulate the terminal to prevent short circuit.

5.Wiring should be reasonable, the installation space in the car is limited, try to reduce the space occupied, so as to facilitate the installation of the host, the host connection wire should be well planned. Avoid the wiring affect the moving parts of the car, such as the steering wheel shaft, accelerator and brake pedal and other vehicle control components.
After the wiring harness is finished, it needs to be fixed to prevent it from falling off

6. Do not plug or unplug the connected cables or accessories in the boot state to avoid damage to the host or accessories by hot plugging or unplugging.

Product Features

Color partition control
Touch button control: touch the left button to adjust all the colors, touch the right button to adjust all the colors, press and hold the right button for 3
seconds to adjust the mode (fade, breathe, flash)
Brightness control: adjust the brightnes

l. Installation
I The red wire the control box power supply is connected to B+, the ground wire iS connected to the iron. and the yellow wire is connected to the original small light wire.

2.Prodoct accessories use
2.1 .power cordi installed in the car. the control box power supply and control (Note; the power cord has four plugs, the
left door, right door, center oontf01 is all the way color, center control t is all the way color) partitan control
2.2 .Left front and rear extension cord T installed in the left side of the car. one end into the control box. the other
two enos from the left side of the car across the bridge into the left front and rear door panels
2.3 .Right front and rear extension cord installed in the carOn the right side. one end goes into the control box.
the other tvøo go over the bridge from the right side of the car and into the right front and rear door panels.
2.4. 3 Lamp adaptor wires T, one for each door, one for each door, one for the extension cord that comes
through the door, the Other two for the lamp.
2.5 .1 m extension cable: for extension purposes
28 Lamp adaptor cable: to adapt the lamp head

3.Control box wiring method

1.The power of the control box is
connected to the screw under the
A- pillar of the passenger car.
2.The ground wire of the control box is
connected to the screw at the bottom
right of the passenger footrest.
3.Small light cord to second pin of 3P
plug on passenger door panel
4.Control box power cable blue AD2
cable connected to left screw. Control
box power cable purple ADI cable
connected to right screw.

4.Mounting position of center control (4 footwell lights, 1 above center control,2 air conditioning vents, 2 seat backs, 1 touch button, 2 saddles)

5.How to insatll the center light bar

6.first remove the black trim above the door panel,then fix the ligaht bar,and finally the plastic soleder joints with a soldering iron.

1. The three screws in the red frame are removed and the door can be pried open.
2.Cut off the plastic solder joint inside the red circle.
3.And put the original blcak trim back on.after fastening the plastic solder joint and then soldering iron welding.
4.door panel storage box light insatllation location.

7.Ambient light control instructions

1.Adjusting Ambient Light Brightness.
2.Touch the lift button to adjust the mood lighting all the way to color,touch the right button to adjust the ambient light color on the other side.press and hold the right button for three seconds to adjust all mood lighting modes.brightness adjustmen in the original


9.product picture

10.Accessories list description

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