Tesla Model 3 Exhaust install manual

Controller/AmpIifier/Loudspeaker & harness connection

12V Power Supply and CAN

1.(1.)Disassemble the plastic cover at the bottom of armrest box, which is also right before the middle of rear seat.
(2.)The blue plug is where to install harness adapter.

2.Turn off vehicle power before any action takes place. Once the vehicle power is turned off, please keep the door open/close status, otherwise the vehicle power will be turn on again if the door re-Open/Close !

3.Unplug the vehicle plugand and add the active sond adapter.

Sound Generator Installation Guide

Plastic Cover Remove

Picture of sound generator installed.

Harness of sound generator

Open trunk and remove the cover can find holes,where harness can go through outside.

Plugs of sound generator

The plugs of sound generator looks like below.

APP user guide

For iphone,please search “dbplus” in app store.
For android phone,please contact the distributor for install package.
1.Before open the app, please:
1.turn on thr bluetooth of your phone
2.power on the controller
2.choose the device begin with name “ASSA” and press”CONNECT”
3.In the main screen, sound volume can be adjusted by sliding the blue curve.the maximum is 100
4.If “RPM transfer” is adjusted to a high calue,for example,the sound will be sound like 2500rpm when the car actual engine speed is at 1200rpm
5.start sound ca also be used to evaluate each sound without connecting to vihicle CAN
6.Sound decrease button
7.Sound characteristics change
9.Sound choose
10.save volume,start sound etc.into current configuration number and reuse it by choose the saved configuration
11.Device information and CAN data download
12.CAN data download
13.if you cannot find your car CAN data
14.Download succeed
15.CAN data download failed,please try again after 5 seconds until succeed.
what needs to da if displaying “doenloading”all the time?
17.Reserved blank

Virtual gear change

About virtual gear change.

Here we use porsche 911 gear ratio for tesla model 3 virtual gear change.


Q : Why the volume is not loud enough even I set the volume to 100?
A:The sound decrease button may be activated when you install the APP in the first time, press the sound decrease button 1~3 times to have a louder sound;

Q : Why the sound is strange (absence of low frequency feeling) when two loudspeakers connected? And when only one loudspeaker is used, why it sounds better?
A : The sound has not only amplitude but also PHASE information. If the two loudspeakers are anti-phase, the lowfrequency sounds emitted by the two loudspeakers will cancel each other, which works similar as the active
sound cancelling headphone.
You just need change the two terminals position of one of the loudspeaker to make the two loudspeakers have the same PHASE. As show in the following figure, wire position of “RED (up) Black (Down)” has been changed to”RED (down) Black (up)”
If you think two loudspeakers still cannot meet your requirement, we can extend to 3,4,5…loudspeakers as youwish. But first you should check whether you have enough space to install more loudspeakers.

Q : Why I cannot download the CAN data successfully?
A : Please make sure your phone internet connection is 0K first.
APPLE phone can almost 100% successfully download by pressing the “DOWNLOAD” button one time.
For Android phones, due to the Bluetooth connection is more complex, you may need try a few more times until
the dialog box “Download succeed” appears.

Q : Why I change the number of “RPM transfer”, I can not hear the sound changes?
A : The effect of “RPM transfer” can be observed when you drive the car. If your car is not moving, it’s hard to tell the difference, since the purpose of “RPM transfer” is to have high engine speed sound at physically low engine speed of the real car.

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