Tesla Model 3 Massage Controller Installation Manual V2

Tools Required

pry bar *1
screwdriver * 1
90° T20
screwdriver * 1

Install steps

1.Remove the seat side guard, pay attention to the screws and buckles.
First, use T20 screwdriver
to remove the show screw
Then pull the buckle
(at position 2) out by hand.
2.Insert our seat button plug
Unplug the shown plug(Use a flathead screwdriver
to pry off the plug buckle slightly, then gently pull
out the plug.), insert our seat button plug here,
connect another side plug to original plug.
3.Wire under the seat
Wire the power cable along with the original car cable.
4.Remove the trim panel under the air outlet
Pry off the buckles at the shown position and
remove the trim panel.
5.Disassemble the air outlet
Pry off the shown buckles, remove the air
outlet.Insert our Y plug into the power plug.

How to use it?

Double-click the “down” direction button to activate the seat massage. The seat massage startswork and works automatically stop after three minutes.

NOTE:After you test the massage module works without problem, recover all the trim.

Disclaimer:The problems and losses caused by improper installationand improper use are not covered by our company’swarranty.

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