TESLA Modle Y Electric Tailgate Kick Sensor Installation Guide


1. Use the kick sensor to open/close the tailgate automatically.

2.based on the principle of capacitive:
Using capacitive sensing to capture effective signals, accurately judge actions to prevent false triggers.

3. Electrical hookup has never been easier, installation is designed for the do-it-yourself.

4. This kit is designed for all family members to use.

5.  Work well in all weather conditions eg. raining day.

6. Upgrade your vehicle and provide you with a high-end luxury vehicle experience

purchase link:https://www.hautopart.com/product/model-y-trunk-kick-sensor/

1.Bring the key into the vehicle (please unlock first to
enter the vehicle without the key).
2.Stretch your foot under the sensor on the bottom of the
car at a distance of about 20 cm, and kick forward lightly.
3.Kick out the toes, hold for about 0.3 seconds, and
retract the foot.
4. The tailgate can be opened automatically, repeat the
operation as above again, and the tailgate can be

Installation Instructions

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