Toyota 4runner power tailgate installation manual


After installed, need open and close tailgate one time, then system will be initialized.
Open method:
1: clicks unlock button on the key fob.
2: clicks driver side unlock button.
3: long press driver side button.
4: press outside button.
Close method:
1: 3 clicks unlock button on the key fob.
2: 3 clicks driver side unlock button.
3: long press driver side button.
4: press installed tailgate button.

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Install guide:

PS: After use a fish wire to fish the wire 1 though the tube, then need to connect the male plug 1 with wire 1.
Wire 2: wire 2 connect the front kick panel for remote control.

1: Install the bracket for the car Tailgate switch hinge(This step is super important, if you not install it, will damage the tailgate).

2: Remove three panels of Foot pedal, switch panel, driver side panel.

3: Remove two panels of B-pillar, Left rear foot pedal.

4: Remove one panels of Left trunk, for routing the wire.

5: Remove Trunk panel.

6: Use screwdriver to loosen our company suction lock screw.

7: Replace the original lock with our company lock.

8:Connect the lock signal plug with the original hand switch plug

9: Routing the lock signal wire with the original wire. PS: need to check whether the wire will impact the tailgate glass. When open or close the tailgate glass.

10:The lock signal wire route with the original car wire.

11:Plug in the lock signal wire.

12:Remove the original spring gas struts

13:replace the right and left bracket.

14: Replace the original ball head with our our company ball head(Left and right).

15: Install the left and right power struts(“L” OR “R” printed in struts).

16: Routing the struts wire to the controller box(Left and right side).

17: Route as last step.

18: Routing the power wire to the tailgate.(Need connect the all the plug well, then connect the power). And connect the tailgate power.

19: connect the power wire.

20: Connect the ground to the left car ground point.

21: Routing the power wire and the front button.

22: Connect our unlock plug with the original plug in the A-pillar kick panel(This wire is for the remote button, if not install it, the remote control function can’t use).

23: Install the Front button.

24:Connect the fuse power source.

25: install the tailgate button, test all the function.

26:Make a hole in here.

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