Toyota Hiace Right Sliding door installation manual

1. Pull cable motor installation
2.Remove screws from motor and install motor brackets.
3.Install fixed brackets on motor and fix on pedal
4.Open a Φ45 hole on this position and the rear pulley goes under the car
5.Open a Φ45 hole on this position and through the first layer of partitions and
through the side holes to the bottom of the first layer.
6.Open two Φ20 holes on rear pulley to make it fixed.
7.Open two Φ20 holes on front pulley on this position. Note that the hole is
opened slightly backwards to avoid scrap pull cable when installing front
8.Install our slider bracket and hang the end of pull cable on . notice the upper latch
9.The rendering of installing middle door
10.Remove rear lock of original car and install our suction lock
11.Remove door handles of original car and enlarge the hole in the red circle to Φ6.
Then install unlock brackets.
12.Tighten the screws on the brackets.
13.Install handles on the original car position, after installing brackets, pulling
handles back and forth to check whether it is sensitive to open and close when
14.Fixing the unlock motor on this position.
15.After finishing installing unlock motor, please hang the unlock rod on the
16.Fixing bracket on this position of middle door
17.The drag chain bracket and the edge of the top hole are vertical.
18.Fixing drag chain low lock bracket
19. Fixing low lock bracket on original car hole
20. Tie our limit bracket with original car bracket together
21.Fixing the bracket on original car hole
22.Remote control wire is two wires on door pole
23.Power box is put under passenger side. Then remove original fuse and plug our
power door fuse.
24.Install front compartment switch on dashboard and open a Φ20 hole.
Press B-pillar or front compartment switch and hold 5 seconds, when hear a drip ,
please release. Then switch to manual or electric mode. Manual model only has
electric suction function and other function fail.

Power on for commissioning: After the electric door is fully installed, please check the details again. After confirming that there is no mistake, power on for commissioning. Before power on, you can put the electric door in the fully open position, or in the closed position. Usually do not put it in the half open position. Key remote control method of use: (Right door: press unlock key twice)

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