Toyota RAV4 installation manual

Kit Components: 1. Electric Pole – 2pcs 2. Door Bracket LH and RH 3. Car Body Bracket LH & RH 4. M8 Counter Sunk Head bolts – 2pcs 5. M8 Screw – 2 pcs 6. Front Tailgate Button – 1 7. Rear Tailgate Button – 1 8. Front Button 9. Harnesses 10. Control Unit 11. Suction Lock 12. Hole Saw for 20 mm dia. 13. Fuse Adaptor 14. Cable Ties 15. Grommet – 2 pcs

Precautions: 1. Remove the battery connection before starting the installation. 2. Check all components are available in the kit. 3. Make sure during the installation any part of the vehicle and product will not damage

Quick Install Guide: 1. Remove the tailgate panels 2. Install the rear tailgate button 3. Install the front tailgate button 4. Install the electric pols 5. Mount the Control Unit 6. Route the wires 7. Make the connection with fuse adaptor 8. Fix everything back 9. Ready.

Tools Required: 1. Portable Drill Machine 2. Plastic Trim Tools 3. Torque Screw Key Set 4. 8mm Socket Head 5. 17mm Spanner 6. Philip Head Screw Driver

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Installation Precautions:

statement: This product must be installed by professional technical construction personnel who sell this product. Do not disassemble it personally to avoid product damage and accidents.
First, the vehicle health condition must be carefully checked before construction; (if there is any problem, timely feedback with the owner) 1. Start the car to check the car instrument to ensure that there is no fault light, the operation of each switch is normal. 2. Carefully check every detail of the painted exterior. 3. Check the car interior trim, focus on the leather (cloth) cover and the instrument panel /centre console to ensure that there are no damage and scratches. 4. Check each door can normally lock the door to open the door, focusing on checking whether the tailgate is normal. Lock the tailgate to check that the door is not deformed, check the remote control and the original car button can unlock the tailgate.
Second, the construction process needs to be implemented as required. 1. Before the construction, it is necessary to protect the construction area with a protective cover (such as towels) (to avoid scratching the car body during the construction process). 2. The original car objects and buckles that have been removed need to be protected and placed neatly (to avoid the loss or artificial trampling). 3. Our products are mostly wiring-free installation plugs. The plug must be installed in place during installation (to avoid connect failure or fall off during use).4. If there is a moving structure device (such as car trunk cover, steering column, throttle brake pedal, four-door, etc.) during the wiring process, it is necessary to know the range of motion of the active structure, and the wire to be laid must be reserved for a sufficient length to avoid Pull the broken wire harness during the activity and try to arrange it according to the direction of the original car harness. 5. The power cable and ground wire (the ground wire interface must be polished when it has a painted surface) must be installed safely and reliably, otherwise, it will cause an abnormal function or damage the product. 6. the decoder must be fixed and easy to check. 7. Replace the removed plaque, buttons and screws after installation.
Third, the installation function is required after the installation is completed. 1. After the installation and wiring are completed, plug in the corresponding plug and finally turn on the power. 2. After the decoding light is on, press the tailgate button to close the tailgate (or manually close the tailgate) to complete the system initialization requirements. 3. Operate the product according to the instructions. After the function is normal, hand it over to the customer.

Disclaimer: Please do not energize the electric strut until the electric strut is installed in the tailgate. The problems and losses caused by improper installation and improper use are not covered by our company’s warranty

Install step guide

STEP: 1 Car appearance
STEP: 2 Remove the trim by using plastic trim tools.
STEP: 3 Remove the originalstrut and car body brackets.
STEP: 4 Install our left and right bracket with our screw.
STEP: 5 Install our left and right strut.
STEP: 6 Make a hole as shown, pass through strut wire and plug in waterproof rubber stopper.
STEP: 7 Find the fuse box in the cab. Connect power cord to the 20A constant electric fuse in the fuse box as shown.
STEP: 8 Find the screw in tailgate, connect our ground wire
to the screw.
STEP: 9 Find the plug in B pillar. Connect our yellow signal wire to the
third white wire of the first row of the plug as shown.
STEP: 10 Remove the original tailgate lock head, install our electric suction lock as
STEP: 11 Find the tailgate lock plug in the tailgate
STEP:12 Connect our tailgate lock plug with original lock plug.
STEP: 15 The power wire, front switch wire, and central control wire are routed along the
yellow wire to the tailgate.
STEP: 16 The power wire, front switch wire, and central
control wire are routed along the yellow wire to the tailgate.
STEP: 17 The power cord, front switch wire and central control wire pass through the rubber tube and route to the central control box.
STEP: 18 Use the drill make a hole, install the tailgate button in the position as shown
STEP: 19
Install the front button in the cab as shown.
STEP: 20 Fixing the control box in tailgate. Power on the system
and use your hand to close the tailgate to complete the system
Then use the key to open the tailgate. Check that each function
is no problem. Then recover the panel.
Remarks: After installing the electric tailgate lift, you must manually close it once
and then open it. Finally, the installation is complete.
How to use the remote control:
Press and hold the car key unlock button(or tailgate button 3 times) to open or
close the trunk;
Cab button: Long press to open the tailgate and press it to close the tailgate.

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