Volvo V60 Electric Tailgate Installation Guide

1.Remove trunk trim.
Remove the trunk trim panel in the order indicated.
2.Remove original struts
Use a screwdriver lift the ball steel sheet on the
back of the strut end and remove the original
left and right struts
3.Install the ball stud
After removing the original strut, remove the
original tailgate ball stud, and install our ball stud.
4.Install electric struts
Install the left and right electric struts of our company on
the ball stud. At the position shown in the right picture
below, open the hole ∮20, through which the stay wire passes.
5.Install electric
suction lock
Remove the original car lock block and install
our electric suction lock block as shown.
6.Install the tailgate
Open the hole ∮20 as shown, and install our
tailgate button
7.Installation position
of electric suction lock As shown below, the
electric suction is in the left side trim of the trunk.
8.Control box installation location
Install the control box at the shown position,Stick to the tailgate with 3M glue.
Use the blade to round off the sharp corners of
the trim plate in the position shown in the
figure, to prevent hindering the strut.
The unlock wire and the front button wire
do not need to be connected.

1.Height adjustment
Adjust the tailgate to a proper height, long press the tailgate button for 5 seconds, and a long beep indicates that the height is set successfully.

2. Speed adjustment
Tailgate opening and closing speed has 5 gears: default 4th gear, lowest 2ed gear, highest 6th gear. Long press the tailgate button. When you hear the buzzer sound 2 consecutive times, the speed is set in the 2ed gear, 3 consecutive times mean 3rd gear, and so on.

After the installation is completed, the controller needs to be matched when the power is plugged in: the electric tailgate is adjusted to the highest position, and the tail button is pressed for 5 seconds. After a long beep, the button is released, indicating that the matching operation is completed. (If the power off requires a rematch operation).

Note: The installation instructions may differ slightly from the actual operation. If there are any differences, please follow the actual situation or contact us.

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