VW Caravelle Sliding Door installation manual

1..Remove the rear trim panel from
the original car
2.Remove the track trim panel from
the outside of the vehicle
3.Rendering of rear motor mounted
4.Mark and cut according to the
position of red solid line in the picture
5.The four screws supplied by our
company are fixed by locking motor.
The solid red line in the picture is the
rendering after cutting
6.Tape around the original lock,
then remove the lock
7.Fix the two templates of our company
with two screws of the original car, and
cut Φ18 holes in the red circle
8.Rendering of opeing hole
9.Fix the lock with our screws
10.The cable motor is fixed with screws
11.Follow the front pulley
template to open Φ18 hole
12.Use our screws to fix front pulley
13.When the outside front pulley
comes out, the cable must be in
the middle of the track
14.Remove the sheet metal from
the vehicle behind the outside
15.After installing the rear pulley inside
the car, move the original ground wire to
the position inside the red box and fix it
with our screws
16.Mark the back pulley block behind the
track and open two Φ18 holes and three Φ6
17.Rendering of opening hole on
rear pulley
18.What in the red circle needs to be
replaced with our screws and gaskets
19.Mark and remove the original
bracket screws, then install our
tension wire clamp
20.Install our tension wire clamp on
original bracket
21.When hanging the cable, hang
the back cable first and then hang
front cable
22.Install the bracket on original
position , rendering of motor front and
rear cable clamp
23.Remove original lock block and install
our handle switch
24.Place the handle sheet metal on the
original lock block in the direction of the
25. Use our screws fix handle
sheet metal on original lock
26.Handle switches must be in
a pressed state when installed
27.Install lock handle pull wire to
original position
28.The unlocking motor cable is
hung at the point of the arrow to
put the lock block back on the
29. Remove screws from lock block
and use our special screws to install
the lock block
30.Fixing the ublocking motor
shown in the picture
31.Our signal line of the first
lock connects gate line on
original car. Notice that the
yellow wire connects pure
brown wire.
32. Rendering of finish installing
middle door
33.Remove middle door panel
34.Open a Φ25 hole in the direction
of the arrow and use our middle
harness pass through
35.Install our lock bracket by
using original screws and
hole location
36.Rendering of installed lower
37.The distance between the
drag chain bracket and the
lower lock is 27cm
38.Rendering of install drag bracket
39.Rendering of install wiring harness
40.The controller is placed on the
rear side of the original car blower to
facilitate debugging and after-sales
41.Remove the original door stage
and prepare to connect the remote
control cable
42.Grey wire connects purple one and
yellow wire connects yellow-brown
43.Remove cover plate from copilot
44.Draw power from the copilot’s
power box. 1 is open, 0 is close.
45.Open a Φ20 hole on original
cover plate
46.The front compartment is
unlocked with the left side unlocked
button of the original driver, press
twice to open and close the door.
47.Press twice to open and close
door by key fob

Long press Column B or the front bin switch 5S about, hear a drop after release, switch to manual mode or electric mode. Manual mode only has power absorption function, other functions fail.
The electrical debugging: After all the electric doors are installed, please check the details again. After confirmation, power on debugging. Before power on, the electric door can be placed in a fully open position, or closed state. Generally do not leave it half open.
Key remote control Usage: Right door: Press the unlock button on the key twice to open and close the door.

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