What is electric suction door

Intelligent electric suction door is an innovative product developed for the shortage of traditional car doors. Owners only need to gently push, the door can automatically close completely, which avoid these conditions such as vigorous closing, repeatedly flinging the door, closing the door sound too loud .

why do you need to install an electric suction door?

I think that you maybe often encounter the following situation in daily life.

1.vigorously close the door, resulting in a large noise
2.Traditional doors rely on gravity inertia to close, need to use strong excitation lock operation
3.Traditional doors require a certain amount of space next to the door to facilitate the closing of the door. In a narrow space, it is almost difficult to close by one time
4.For rear passengers, especially the elderly, children, in the case of a relatively heavy door, it is very difficult to pull the door, let alone close the door
5.Drivers are prone to ignore the risk of the doors not being fully closed, which can cause the alarm to sound incorrectly. Even during the driving process, there is a high risk of accidents falling from the car.

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The role of electric suction doors

The role of electric suction doors

1. Say goodbye to violence: Intelligent automatic suction and closing of the electric suction door, 8mm suction distance, intelligent induction of the system, no need to push the door vigorously, and automatically close at the gap
2.Directly replace the original door lock, original specifications terminal interface, non-destructive docking
3.Logical anti-pinch function: refer to the original electric suction door design, produce anti-pinch alert
4.Super quiet: noise value control in about 40 decibels, basically can not hear any sound

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