Wide angle side mirror glass Installation Instruction

1.Remove the stock rear bumper first
and install sensor radar.
2.First remove the rear taillight screws
here and then remove the rear bar.
3.After that, remove the two rear set screws
4.Then remove the taillight, left and right sync
5.remove a couple of screws pictured
above, then remove the rear bar
6.After removing the rear bumper, use a 2.5mm twist drill bit to
make small holes on the left and right side of the body, then use
our screws to install the base.
7.After the base is installed, start
installing the radar sensor, same for
left and right.
8.After the induction radar is fixed on the
base, use this ruler to adjust the position
of the radar in the same way as for the
left and right.
9.After adjusting the position of the sensor
radar with the ruler, tighten the fixing screw
at the position of red circle.
10.The radar-sensitive wiring harness
goes through the drain into the body.
12.The power cord passed through along the
red line from the trunk of the vehicle to the
front of the vehicle.
13.Installation steps for left and right
rearview mirrors
14.Remove the screws here on the
trim panel
15.Remove the screws here on
the trim panel
16.Open the trim plate from the
bottom with a warp blade.
17.Remove the screws from the
cover plate.
18.Then remove the original mirror piece, then remove the mirror, remove the mirror housing,
put our curved mirror on, then thread the 12v+ power and GND through the mirror and then into
the car.
19.The mirror power cable 12v+ and GND is
threaded into the car and then docked with the
power cable split out of the 12v+ and GND, same
steps for left and right.
20.run the mirror power cord from the door
through the bellows and into the car (as shown)
21.The rear-view mirror lens 12V+ and GND two harnesses from
the red line marked direction from the inside of the door panel by
the door waterproof bellows through to the inside of the car, and
then butt radar main wiring harness of 12V and GND
22.Using our cigarette lighter power supply to connect to the
original cigarette lighter, the cigarette lighter plug splitting the
power supply 12V+ and GND to the 12V+ main power
harness and GND harness
23.After the radar induction power supply is threaded from the
rear to the front of the car, use our cigarette lighter plug plug
into the original cigarette lighter, then the 12V+ of the cigarette
lighter is connected to the 12V+ of the radar induction power
supply, the GND of the cigarette lighter is connected to the
GND of the radar power supply.

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