Wie wählt man eine hochwertige elektrische Heckklappe?

The electric tailgate, as a new star in the car modification field, it has become a very popular product because of its ease of use and the ability to upgrade the class of the car. Many car manufacturers have standard electric tailgates, but they only equipped it in high-end car versions.

For the consumer, It is fantastic to spend less money to buy the same function as the high version. So it has created a hot market of the installation of electric tailgate.

Intelligent electric tailgate

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What is the quality of such a hot sale electric tailgate in the market? Unscrupulously speaking, most of the electric tailgates on the market currently adopt the structure of the lower suction lock.

These products rely on the wire pulling force of the tooth box to pull the zipper installed at the lock position to realize the suction of the electric tailgate. There may be no problem in a short time after installation. However, without few months, due to the long force of the wire and the way of the lock, etc. The tailgate will not tight anymore, the tailgate and the backgate gaps are not uniform, result in abnormal noise during driving and broken locks, etc. In serious cases, there will be a series of problems such as the electric tailgate can not be opened in an emergency situation, which is seriously irresponsible to the owner. Here is a list of common problems with the lower suction lock electric tailgate for everyone to check.

Firstly, after the installation, the tailgate and the body surface are inconsistent.

Secondly, the tailgate has no suction action. The reason is that the life of the pull lock is limited, after work for a long time, the tailgate it can not be closed.

Thirdly, the tailgate make abnormal sound during the driving process, because the pull lock has a chute to achieve the suction since it is necessary to slide, it can not clamp too tight, it must need a certain gap, otherwise it can not be sucked and closed. The gap causes the tailgate to sway during driving, causing abnormal noise.

After seeing these problems, maybe you lost your interesting in install an electric tailgate into your ride. In fact, you can still have high-quality products. When purchasing the electric tailgate, you must look for the electric tailgate of the upper suction lock structure. In fact, the electric tailgate of the structure with the lower suction lock is not used by the general front loading depot, because the failure rate is too high, and it can not meet the warranty time of 100,000 kilometers specified by the car manufacturer, so that the repair rate of the whole vehicle is improved. Increase, for the car factory, is very reluctant to see.

Therefore, the general factory-installed company use electric tailgates with a suction lock structure.Because the upper suction lock electric tailgate is simple to install, the wiring is easy, no need to debug, the life is longer, the quality is more stable, and it is the most popular one in the current electric tailgate suction lock, like  the  factory-installed company, use the upper suction lock structure to install it? Absolutely. At present, the electric tailgate of Hansshow is the upper suction lock structure. The suction lock structure is the same as the electric tailgate suction lock structure of BMW. The original car hole directly replaces the original car. The quality and longevity of sucktion lock are as stable as the original electric tailgate.

Following are some advantages of Hansshow upper suction lock electric tailgate.

Upper suction lock electric tailgate advantage

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Firstly, it use the original car hole position, non-destructive installation.

It used the original car hole position and the original car screw. it replaced the original car lock directly from the original position, completely non-destructive installation.

On the other hand, the installation is quite simple, without removing too many original car trim panels, saving the time for the Installer, you can even install it by yourself.

It let consumers do not have to worry about the damage to the original car.

Secondly, no need to debug, saving your time.

Hansshow electric tailgate can use the lock position of the original car, so it can be installed in the same way without the adjustment, which saves the debugging time for installer.

Thirdly, the wiring is very easy to connect.

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Because the electric tailgate is installed in the upper part of the tailgate, installer only need connect the central control with the tailgate, no need to connect the tail like the lower suction lock.  With a little less wiring below the door, it’s more safety and saves people a lot of installation time.

Fourth, safety drawstrings to ensure safety

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The safety lock is equipped with a safety drawstring to avoid user can not open the car’s tailgate. In an emergency, you can use the safety drawstring to manually unlock.With one more guarantee, the tailgate is more safety.

Hansshow electric tailgate has the national mandatory 3C certification, CE certification and ACL certification. 4 years warranty time and 120,000 kilometers, longer than the original car warranty time. The quality of the products is guaranteed.

After reading this article, you must have a deeper understanding of the electric tailgate! In fact, the purpose of writing this article is to popularize people electric tailgate knowledge, so that everyone can cost fewer to buy better products. If you want to know more, you can comment below or contact me directly, I will reply one by one!

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