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Lexus IS electric tailgate installation manual

By HansShoW | 02/25/2021

Install step After installation, the decoder needs to be matched when plugged in: adjust the electric tailgate to the highest position, press and hold the tailgate extra button for 5 seconds, and release the button…

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What are the application of electric suction doors for luxury cars?

By HansShoW | 02/22/2021

1. driving safety. Can eliminate the risk that door is not completely locked and turning at high speed or when the door is opened in an emergency 2.Financial security Be quiet. Say goodbye to vigorous…

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T-ROC electric tailgate lift install manual

By HansShoW | 02/20/2021

Features The intelligent electric tailgate is suitable for high-end luxury cars. It has the functions of hand-in-one opening, intelligent anti-pinch, intelligent height adjustment, etc. The driver can control tailgate with the car key tailgate button.…

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Hyundai Encino 2018+ Installation Instruction

By HansShoW | 02/19/2021

Precautions 1.All pictures in the manual are for reference only. Pictures and objects may differ, but the installation method is the same. 2.In order to facilitate your installation, please carefully read the product manual before…

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Car safety and comfort configuration:soft close doors

By HansShoW | 02/05/2021

Close the car door vigorously will make people feel uncomfortable.May even leave a bad impression, misunderstanding, etc.We do not explore the source of this habit, since the habit has made people feel uncomfortable, it is…

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Five items that must be changed by car modification fans

By HansShoW | 02/04/2021

As car owners are getting younger and younger nowadays, they have good financial strength, but also have the personality to catch up with the trend.Next, we will introduce you to the most popular car modification…

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Toyota Sienta 2017+ Installation Instruction

By HansShoW | 02/03/2021

Installation Step 1.Install bracket and electric pole 2.Route the electric pole harness 3. Take power at the main driving and install front switch button

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What is electric suction door

By HansShoW | 02/02/2021

Intelligent electric suction door is an innovative product developed for the shortage of traditional car doors. Owners only need to gently push, the door can automatically close completely, which avoid these conditions such as vigorous closing,…

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BMW Mini three door Electric Tailgate Installation Instructions

By HansShoW | 02/02/2021

1 Height adjustmentAdjust the tailgate to a suitable height, press and hold the tailgate button for 5 seconds until hear a long beep. It indicates that the height is set successfully, and it will open…

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Suction lock for Porsche or Audi

By HansShoW | 02/01/2021

Installation position on the vehicle Parts list Tools required electrical adhesive tape、Plastic pry knife、Sleeve of various specifications、cross screwdriver、A screwdriver and a junk bucket。 1.Before installation, in order to ensure the safety of operation, please remove…

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