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Audi A4L Power Tailgate Installation Instruction

By HansShoW | 09/07/2020

1.Remove trunk trims Open the trunk, follow the steps as shown, and remove the trims one by one. 2.Remove trunk trims Picture after the trims are removed. 3.Install electric suction latch Take out the original…

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how to Take Care Of a Car Door Handle

By HansShoW | 09/04/2020

Vehicle door handles are well-known for being harmed over time. A lot of times, cars and truck proprietors encounter challenges while unlocking. Going to an expert for the repair service is a wise choice if…

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Tesla Model 3 Soft Close Door and Auto Present Door Handle Installation Guide

By HansShoW | 07/02/2020

Instructions: 1. How to use the auto present door handle: Unlock – the handle automatically present – the handle automatically retracts after 30 seconds when not in operation Lock the car – automatically retract the…

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Model 3 Dedicated HUD Installation Manual

By HansShoW | 06/11/2020

1. Introduction 1.1. This article introduces the installation method and precautions of the Tesla model3 dedicated HUD. 1.2. Note: a. To facilitate your installation, please read the instruction manual carefully before installation. Pay attention to protect…

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Tesla MODEL X Kick Sensor Installation Guide

By HansShoW | 05/15/2020

The dedicated Model X kick sensor for power trunk has been something many people were asking for. It adds one more way to open and close the trunk that makes it that much better. And…

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You’ve Been Missing Out A Lot: Get The Best Power Liftgate for Your Model 3!

By HansShoW | 04/16/2020

It’s a New Era in the automotive industry. No more will you struggle with heavy shopping bags and the trunk at the same time. No more will your kid struggle with reaching the trunk of…

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How To Upgrade Concealed Door Handle Of Tesla Model 3

By HansShoW | 03/24/2020

Hansshow is a huge fan of the real techie. We can see the concealed door handle on the Model S is amazing. Model 3 handles, in our opinion, yet are rather one of the worst features…

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Model S automatic frunk installation manual

By HansShoW | 10/09/2019
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Model X automatic frunk installation manual

By HansShoW | 10/09/2019
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Foot sensor installation manual

By HansShoW | 10/05/2019

Instructions: When you take your key fob close to the back of the vehicle, kick the foot sensor under the bumper, power trunk can be automatically opened.

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