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6 Best Tesla Aftermarket Accessories You Don't Want to Miss This Thanksgiving

Hansshow brings you the best aftermarket accessories for your Tesla Model S, 3, X, and Y this Thanksgiving. Not only are they the best, but we are also offering a massive 30% discount on 5 of these when you use the coupon code "HSNews30" at checkout.

Our top-quality Tesla accessories, upgrade kits, and display screens enhance your Tesla driving experience to the next level. These accessories also add style to your car — making it smarter and giving it a distinct character in the crowd.

Following are our best picks for spicing up your Tesla electric cars this Thanksgiving as you celebrate this year's harvesting season with your closest friends and family.

#1: Remote-Controlled Seat Adjustment for Tesla Model 3 / Model Y

How would you feel if we provide you far more convenience in adjusting your seat settings in a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y using a remote control? Yes, we actually have made this product for you to have a hassle-free seat adjustment in your dream car (this remote-controlled seat adjuster is for the co-driver/front passenger seat).

Tesla Model 3 / Model Y remote-controlled seat adjustment gadget by Hansshow.Above: Tesla Model 3 / Model Y remote-controlled seat adjustment gadget by Hansshow.

 Remote-Controlled backrest angle adjustment for Tesla Model 3/Model Y.
Above: You can easily adjust the angle of your Tesla Model 3 / Model Y front passenger seat backrest angle using the Hansshow remote control.

Hansshow remote control for seat adjustment allows you to slide the seat forward and backward plus adjust the tilt angle of your backrest as shown in the picture above. All Tesla Model 3 are compatible with this remote and Model Y electric SUVs produced in 2020 and onwards are compatible. For more details and pictures visit this product's page in our online store / BUY NOW (don't forget to avail the limited-time offer of a 30% discount using coupon code HSNews30  at checkout).

#2: Aftermarket Tesla Model Y / Model 3 Instrument Cluster Screen

Ever felt the need to have a behind-the-steering instrument cluster to look at basic car information like speed, hp, range, battery status, etc.? We have the perfect solution for your need, a 10.25-inch HD screen that gives you comfort while driving and eliminates the need to look at the center display again and again.

Above: Hansshow 10.25-inch instrument cluster head-up display (HUD) for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y electric cars.

We recently published a detailed article on this instrument cluster, you can also explore the product page in our online store / Buy Now (don't forget to avail the limited-time offer of 30% discount using coupon code HSNews30 at checkout).

#3 & 4: LED-Illuminated Door Sill Protectors for Your Tesla Model 3 / Model Y (white & colors)

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y white and colorful illuminated door sill protectors.Above: Tesla Model 3 and Model Y white and colorfully illuminated door sill protectors by Hansshow Tesla Accessories.

Door sill protectors not only protect your doors from scratches and scathes, they can also be welcoming with illumination and elegant colors. This is exactly what we have done for you to have an even better experience when entering your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y.

Hansshow Tesla Model Y/3 LED-illuminated door sill protectors come in white color and another version in which you can choose from 4 different colors as per your liking (blue, pink, red, and green). Buy in White Color | Buy Now in Multi-Colors (you can also choose the shell trim from Silver, Black, and Carbon Fiber. Use discount code HSNews30 to get 30% off of your order on these products).

Watch the video below to learn how you can change color of your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y LED-illuminated door sill protector by Hansshow.

#5: Tesla J1772 Adapter and EV Charger Combo Deal

SAE J1772 to Tesla charging adapter by Hansshow.Above: SAE J1772 to Tesla charging adapter by Hansshow.

Charge your Tesla electric vehicles using our SAE J1772 to Tesla charging adapter. This adapter gives you peace of mind whenever you encounter a J1772 port at a non-Tesla charging station.

Hansshow J1772 to Tesla adapter comes with leakage protection, over & under-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-temperature protection, and overload protection as well. Our J1772 aftermarket Tesla adapter comes with 250 volt / 80 A of max capacity. Compatible with Tesla Model S, 3, X, and Y but the lock circle is not compatible with Model S and X.

It is recommended that you purchase the J1772 adapter with our EV charger for the best deal — Buy Now from our online store.

#6: Round Steering Wheel for 2021+ Tesla Model S refresh

Last year, Tesla decided to make the Yoke steering wheel the default option from the factory for the design refresh Model S and later on for Model X as well. Some Tesla Model S owners still wanted the choice of the standard round steering but Elon Musk was not convinced.

So here at Hansshow, we decided to facilitate our customers by offering a Tesla Model S round steering wheel for the model year 2021 onwards. Our round steering wheel for Tesla Model S and X comes in a variety of leather and carbon fiber finishes. You can customize the color, leather, and carbon fiber options in our online store here.

The round steering wheel by Hansshow for Tesla Model S & Model X is ergonomically designed for long hours of use to reduce fatigue on your long journeys the ones that especially take place on the occasion of Thanksgiving. Order your Tesla Model S/X round steering from our online store today

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Don't forget to use the promo code 'HSNews30' at checkout to get a massive limited-time 30% discount on Black Friday sales Buy Now.

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