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Car tailgate & power running board news

How To Upgrade Concealed Door Handle Of Tesla Model 3

Hansshow is a huge fan of the real techie. We can see the concealed door handle on the Model S is amazing. Model 3 handles, in our opinion, yet are rather one of the worst features of the car. With a lower cost, they’re simplified to some hinged design, less flair and only moderately more effort…

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Tesla Model 3 automatic frunk installation instructions

Pre-installation precautions: Disclaimer: The problems and losses caused by improper installation and improper use are not covered by our company’s warranty. 1. After the installation is completed,please do not close the front cover, you must do the following test step: Before closing the cover, please use a screwdriver to buckle the lock, and then press…

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Tesla Model 3 electric tailgate installation instructions – Version 3.0

Disclaimer: The problems and losses caused by improper installation and improper use are not covered by our company’s warranty. 1:Pre-installation check required! 2. Disassembly of trunk interior panel 3:Disassembly of trunk interior panel 4:Disassembly of trunk interior 5:Removal of the tail light plug 6:Removal of the original trunk lift struts 7. Installing the Power Lift…

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How to add power liftgate for Mazda CX-5/CX5

1: original car appearance. 2: Remove the original tailgate horizontal strip decorative panel 3: Remove the two corner decorative panels in turn, and then remove the tailgate large decorative panels. 4: After the removal effect 5: Remove the gas spring of the original car (the same left and right) 6: Remove the bracket of the…

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How to choose the right electric tailgate for your car?

An excellent electric tailgate has the function of intelligent anti-pinch, safe multiplier and the tailgate will be detected in time during operation. Once the obstacle is sensed, it will be reversed immediately to ensure personal safety. A variety of ways, control, support a variety of tailgate control, no need to crack the modification, step by…

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How to choose car headlights? What are the characteristics of several common car headlights?

With the continuous development of automotive technology, the headlights of vehicles have also developed, from halogen headlights, xenon headlights to LED headlights, and even futuristic laser headlights, which have appeared on different models, but These kinds of headlights have their own characteristics. Everything has advantages and disadvantages. It is not that a certain kind of…

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