2021+ Model 3/Y Ultra RGB 64-color Ambient Lighting System | Hansshow
2021+ Model 3/Y Ultra RGB 64-color Ambient Lighting System | Hansshow
2021+ Model 3/Y Ultra RGB 64-color Ambient Lighting System | Hansshow
2021+ Model 3/Y Ultra RGB 64-color Ambient Lighting System | Hansshow
2021+ Model 3/Y Ultra RGB 64-color Ambient Lighting System | Hansshow
2021+ Model 3/Y Ultra RGB 64-color Ambient Lighting System | Hansshow

2021+ Model 3/Y Ultra RGB 64-color Ambient Lighting System | Hansshow


With the Hansshow Ultra RGB Ambient Light Upgrade Kit, drivers can elevate their driving experience with fully customization, lighting options that enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your Tesla Model 3/Y.


  • Compatible Model: Specially designed for the 2021+ Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. With this Hansshow ambient light kit, your vehicle will come to life in a stunning display of lights.
  • Start-up Flow Mode: Featuring a start-up flow mode that activates upon turning on the car; it's the perfect way to personalize and add sophistication to your driving experience.
  • Intelligent Control: This upgrade kit can be easily controlled using a Mobile App, which allows for a range of customization options, including 64 color options. Drivers can also use physical buttons to control the ambient lighting, giving them more options for adjusting the lighting to their liking.
  • Music Rhythm Mode: The music rhythm mode allows the lights to flash in sync with the beat of your music, taking your driving experience to the next level.
  • Installation: The ambient lighting kit is designed to custom fit the original car parts and without damage to the original wiring or functionality.
  • Installation Manual: Click Here

Note: Tesla Model Y 2023/02+ Standard Range is not supported currently

Note: The installation time prompt for this product (standard working hours 4-6 hours), it is recommended to install it at the store.

For installation service in Southern California, United States, please call Tes Studio:
Phone Number: +1 (657) 565-1007
Email: Service@tesstudio.us
Pre-Sales Inquiry: inquiry@hansshow.com
After-Sales Support: support@hansshow.com

Car Model: Model 3 2021-2023.8
Model 3 2021-2023.8
Model Y 2021+
SKU: 10F00077
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Perfect Upgrade for Tesla Model 3/Y Interior

Advanced RGB lighting for a wide range of color options, perfect for any car interior. Upgrade your ride with sophisticated mood lighting.

Intelligent Control

Easily control your car's lighting with our upgrade kit and mobile app. Choose from 64 color options and adjust the lighting to your liking with physical buttons. Experience a new level of customization with Hansshow Ultra RGB Ambient Lighting System.

  • Start-up Flow Mode: With a dynamic start-up flow mode that activates when you turn on the car, this system allows you to personalize and add a touch of sophistication to your driving experience
  • Music Rhythm Mode: Synchronizes the ambient lights to the beat of your favorite tunes, creating an immersive and dynamic driving experience. Feel the rhythm and let the lights enhance the mood and energy of your ride

Multiple Fantasy Color Modes Adjustment

  • The Hansshow Model 3/Y ambient lighting system is designed to give your car a luxurious, modern look. It is made with high-quality materials and is completely waterproof, making it suitable for all year-round use.
  • Multiple color modes for independent adjustment, including speed, brightness, number of lamp beads, and direction settings

Common Troubleshooting Guide


  • Power supply connection error
  • Unstable voltage, below operating voltage


  • Take constant or ACC voltage from car door window regulator
  • The power supply voltage needs to be greater than 7.5V


  • One of the RGB colors is short-circuited


  • Check the wiring of the R, G, B color lines, and adjust the independent RGB colors for correctness


  • Sub-control grounding circuit error


  • The grounding position is incorrect, the sub-control is not grounded, and the ground wire of the door connector needs to be connected


  • The button switch is broken
  • The phone Bluetooth is not turned on


  • Check if the button switch and wires are disconnected
  • Turn on the phone Bluetooth, search for the Bluetooth device name: BT-F1, and connect
  1. Connect the main controller power red wire to ACC, the black wire to ground, and the yellow wire to the small light or ACC. Connect the power wire of the four-door controller to B+ or ACC, and the black wire to ground.
  2. Power supply wires: used for connecting to the power source, supplying power to the controller, and controlling the device.
  3. Left front and rear extension wires: installed on the left side of the car, with one end connected to the controller, and the other two ends connected to the left front and rear door panels.
  4. Right front and rear extension wires: installed on the right side of the car, with one end connected to the controller, and the other two ends connected to the right front and rear door panels.
  5. The door handle light and storage box light are installed inside the storage box and at the corresponding position of the door handle inside the car.
  6. The footwell lights: installed on the main driver and passenger side, as well as on the corresponding decorative panels of the rear footwell.
  7. The door wiring (light strip wiring) is installed inside the car door. Each door has one wiring, with one end connected to the door extension wire inside the door and the other end connected to the light strip connector.