VW T6 or T5 power tailgate,rear power liftgate
VW T6 or T5 power tailgate,rear power liftgate
VW T6 or T5 power tailgate,rear power liftgate
VW T6 or T5 power tailgate,rear power liftgate

VW T6 or T5 power tailgate,rear power liftgate


Advanced Design:Hansshow F62 Dashboard display is an excellent vehicle display for Tesla model 3/model Y, using Linux high-performance operating system. With a 6.2-inch high-definition 2.5D IPS true color full-view screen, the resolution of 960*360P provides clear and vibrant visual effects.

Easy Installation:Plug & Play, installation time within 20 min, No drilling required, Does not damage the original vehicle harness and function.

Powerful Functions:
Information Sync: Time display, Turn signal lights (left/right), Rear fog light, Position lights, Low beam headlights, High beam headlights, Automatic braking, Seat belts, Outside temperature, Speed limit reminder, Battery usage, Distance display, Speed/Door open information, Gear position information, Range, Total mileage, Tire pressure display, Sport mode, Automatic switching between KM/MPH
Creative UI themes: Minimalist/Classic /Sporty
Brightness adjustment: Adaptive day and night mode
Compatible with original vehicle button controls
Support Bluetooth OTA upgrade
Sync automatic pilot driving assistance icons and Plaid mode
5 optional car model colors: white, red, black, blue, gray
PIaid mode
Charging prompt
Left and right blind spot warning

For installation service in Southern California, United States, please call Tes Studio:
Phone Number: +1 (657) 565-1007
Email: Service@tesstudio.us
Pre-Sales Inquiry: inquiry@hansshow.com
After-Sales Support: support@hansshow.com
Customer Service: +1 949 358 4793
Technical Support: +1 949 826 6200

Power tailgate: Yes
Foot Kick Sensor: Yes
  • Estimated Delivery:

    Oct 16 - Oct 20

  • Free Shipping:

    We bear the freight to the destination. Due to different country with different policies, we will not bear relevant taxes and other expenses.


  1. Long press the P-gear button, release after 4 beeps to initiate OTA upgrade.
  2. Long press the P-gear button, release after 6 beeps for after-sales OTA upgrade.

Upgrade following the specified method.

Reason: Manual switching inside the door handle.
Solution: Refer to detailed picture instructions.

Reason: There are 7 colors: Rainbow, White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Purple.

Reason 1: Check if the gasket is installed.
Solution: Install the gasket.

Reason 2: Handle wire malfunction.
Solution: Swap the control and corresponding handle wires with the wires on the same side for inspection.

Reason: Check if the control box Bluetooth is connected.
Solution: Connect to the control box Bluetooth.

Reason: Check if the wiring harness is properly connected.
Solution: Reinsert the interface.

Reason: Right after installation, check if the gasket is installed.
Solution: If not installed, install it; if already installed, remove it.

Reason 1: In non-P-gear situations.

  1. Short press the handle button, press the handle end, and the handle won't pop open.
  2. When the mobile phone is connected to the in-car Bluetooth, the handle won't open.