by Areej Fatima . Oct 18, 2022

Despite False Reports, The Tesla Giga Berlin Battery Factory Is Still Progressing

Photo Source: Gigafactory-Berlin

The Giga Berlin Tesla battery facility is progressing very well and is close to beginning production. The German team is still far ahead despite false local press reports based on unknown sources.

The construction of Tesla's battery factory in Giga Berlin is clouded by information from the German news outlet Handelsblatt. According to the publication, the manufacturer had difficulties starting up the production of battery cells precisely because of the sophisticated production technology.

It is also said that Tesla is relocating its battery production equipment to Texas. According to Handelsblatt, the firm is reportedly delaying a plan to build a battery manufacturing plant in Germany.

Tasmanian got in touch with its sources at Giga Berlin to find out if this information was accurate. Although some of the reported facts are accurate, according to those familiar with the issue, this report is inaccurate.

The source says that several workers from the battery factory at Giga Berlin traveled to the US to assist with battery manufacturing at Giga Texas. This was accomplished since Giga Berlin has achieved significant success and employs qualified experts in the area.

Currently, the business wants to assist its American factory in increasing the production of battery cells and has no plans to halt or slow down progress in Germany. The fact that Tesla hasn't yet acknowledged the success of its battery production at Gigs Berlin may be the source of many rumors.


Giga Factory Berlin

Photo Source: Gigafactory-Berlin


There is no reason to think that the battery production at Giga Berlin is currently suffering or not going as planned due to Giga Texas' preference for development. However, this report still has inconsistencies.


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