by Areej Fatima . Oct 24, 2022

Elon Musk Focuses on Wide Release of Tesla FSD By The End Of 2022

Tesla FSD Beta

Credit: TechCrunch

By the end of the year, Elon Musk hopes to "widely release" Tesla's long-awaited full self-driving (FSD) beta to all Tesla owners.

During a Wednesday Q3 earnings call, Elon Musk started, "Probably in a month from now." He said that as long as the owners have the extra $15,000 to pay for it with a vehicle software update, everybody who purchases a new Tesla in the future will have access to FSD.

On the conference call, Musk declared that safety was one of the primary requirements for releasing the beta. He added, "We're seeing when the car is in FSD mode is much enhanced over when it is not."

Musk refused to say whether self-driving FSD will fall under level four or level five when an investor on the call asked. Level five is the highest and eliminates the need for a steering wheel. He claimed that you would never have to touch the vehicle controls, but it isn't nearly ready to drive itself. Musk also acknowledged that the Cybertruck is being built in the company's Austin, Texas, factory and is in its "final lap."

Tesla FSD

Amazing Tesla FSD

Credit: Electrek

Tesla had 100,000 "city streets" FSD beta testers as of July. There have been conflicting reactions to the Autopilot feature and even lawsuits that Musk exaggerated its capabilities and had not yet achieved "fully autonomous driving." Federal authorities are also looking into accidents involving Autopilot.

Tesla FSD Beta Street Testing
Tesla FSD Beta Street Testing
Credit: Electrek

Musk predicted that a smaller, less expensive vehicle would be introduced after the Cybertruck. The vehicle is going to be an exact opposite of new Semi trucks. Its release is expected in December.

"The price of our next-generation car will be roughly half that of the Tesla Model X, Y. It will be smaller, but its manufacturing will quickly outpace that of all of our previous cars put together," Musk said.

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