by Areej Fatima . Nov 23, 2022

EURO NCAP: Tesla Model S Gets Incredible 5 Stars Rating

Another achievement of the Tesla Model S arrives and recently Tesla Model 3 earned 5 stars from Green NCAP.




A red left-hand-drive Tesla Model S was used for the European New Car Assessment Programs (Euro NCAP) test. With Tesla's outstanding dual safety approach, Model A stands as one of the few automobiles to receive a 5-star Euro NCAP certification with 5-star ratings across the board from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA.


Tesla's efforts to increase safety last year resulted in the introduction of a new Model S. Following its release, Euro NCAP conducted a second review of the Model S.


This time they used its most recent and tough 2020–2022 testing protocol. The survey is concentrated on checking the mastery of Model S in crash escape, its ability to safeguard unarmed road users, and other safety services.


Credit: EURO NCAP Test Results

Tesla Model S has some safety features which earned it the best grades in the survey, like Collision avoidance driver monitoring system, multi-collision braking, automatic airbag suppression, advanced front-Structure castings, far-side airbag, steering Yoke, etc.

All these implications in the car make it an excellent safety vehicle so far.

In the survey, Tesla cars collected 5-star safety and stand alone as the overall best vehicle among a few cars. Some details Euro NCAP shared about the test include results that show how Model S is qualified.

  • Child Defense gets 91%
  • Adult Defence earns 94%
  • Far-side Impact is awarded as MAXIMUM
  • Rescue wins MAXIMUM credibility
  • Post-crash Defense obtains MAXIMUM efficiency
  • Extraction also gets MAXIMUM credit from EURO NCAP.

Credit: EURO NCAP Test Results

For a comprehensive test results, you can check Euro NCAP test results for Tesla Model S.
You can also watch the full test video below.
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