by Iqtidar Ali . Dec 08, 2022

Frito-Lay's Tesla Semi-truck performs a Christmas parade in Modesto, California (video)

Firto-Lay Tesla Semi truck in a Christmas parade. Credit: @bshaddix / Twitter.

It has not been a long time since Tesla delivered its first Semi trucks to the long waiting customer PepsiCo. At the delivery day, Tesla parked one Semi in blue color PepsiCo branding and the other in orange-yellow FritoLay branding (also owned by PepsiCo).

Just recently, the FritoLay Tesla Semi was spotted in Modesto, California performing a Christmas parade. The trailer bed of the truck was fully decorated with Christmas trees and Santa Claus's reindeer sleigh. Interestingly, all of this electrical equipment and lighting was powered by the Tesla Semi battery pack.

Tesla Semi has a battery large enough to last 500 miles on a single charge with a full load capacity of around 82k lbs which is the gross vehicle weight rating for class-8 electric semi trucks in the United States. A battery this powerful is surely able to provide electricity to such heavy lighting as we can see in this Christmas parade video of the Tesla Semi.

Tesla originally unveiled the Semi truck back in 2017 and it took the company 5 years to go from prototype to production. But in the meanwhile, Tesla had to perform extensive testing for different weathers and terrains. Tesla developed several prototypes at different stages of the Tesla Semi development through the years.

One of the most early Tesla Semi Alpha prototypes is currently on display at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles. The label of the Tesla Semi Alpha provides some details on the testing and history of development, it reads:

"Targeting a vehicle segment that accounts for 18 percent of all vehicle emissions in the country, Tesla debuted the all-electric Semi in 2017. Like the company's electric passenger vehicles, Semi features an aerodynamic design, which gives it a long range. Unlike conventional diesel-powered industrial trucks, Semi's tri-motor design makes it capable of maintaining a highway speed of 65 miles per hour when hauling a full load up a five percent grade. Subjected to a variety of tests, this Semi "Alpha" prototype withstood temperatures as low as -40°C in Alaska during cold-weather durability and vehicle controls testing and completed a 5,000-mile endurance run along Route 66".

We recently had a chance to look at the Tesla Semi truck at the Petersen Museum and recorded the following video for your viewing pleasure.

Video: A look at the Tesla Semi Alpha prototype at the Petersen Museum.

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